Hong Kong, Sept 11th 2018 – PrimeGlobal is pleased to announce the addition of Hong Kong based firm, Andrew & Associates CPA Limited to the Association’s Asia Pacific region.

Active since 2014, Hong Kong based Andrew & Associates CPA Limited offers PrimeGlobal members an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the region. As an independent member of PrimeGlobal, Andrew & Associates CPA Limited offers a variety of services in a range of industries to their own clients, and, through their membership in the association, to clients of peer firms throughout the world.

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“We are very pleased to welcome Andrew & Associates CPA Limited to our Association, as a new member firm with superior service and excellent practice management. We look forward to working with Andrew & Associates to offer various avenues and opportunities for collaboration and thought leadership in the region as well as globally.” Stephen Leung, PrimeGlobal’s Chief Regional Officer for Asia Pacific

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Andrew & Associates CPA Limited

Andrew & Associates CPA Limited has 2 offices in Hong Kong. We distinguish ourselves from other firms by the quality of service we provide to our clients. We believe that with a deeper understanding of our clients' requirements, we can walk side-by-side with them as partners, locally and internationally. We not only help them in problem-solving, but we support them in building and actualizing their corporate tactics, objectives and strategies in the rapidly changing commercial world. We always strive to anticipate their needs and future requirements. We take pride in the excellence of our professional services, in our relationship with our valuable clients, and in our opportunity to provide continuing success to our clients.

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