PrimeGlobal Works with Equoevento to Provide 300 Meals To Shelters

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October 1, 2018

In an effort to produce events that are more socially and environment sustainable, PrimeGlobal Events Team created an initiative called PrimeGlobal Planet, aimed at lessening the environmental footprint in the cities we visit. Producing sustainable events goes beyond specific actions such as recycling, serving local/organic food or reducing printing. A sustainable event incorporates a balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress/CSR. Our CSR initiative at the EMEA Regional Conference benefited the underprivileged youth and people in need living in Madrid.

This year we teamed up with Equoevento to benefit a local homeless shelter. Equoevento is part of an international network consisting of non-profit organizations throughout several European cities. Its main objective is to reduce food waste by giving a second life to leftover food at events in order to help those with fewer resources. Equoevento picked up the excess food from our banquets hosted at the hotel and provided meals for those in need.

Thierry 2
“Many of our members frequently attend seminars and conferences in luxury hotels and often feel uneasy to witness the amount of food wasted at our banquet dinners. Thanks to our events team and the initiative taken by Stacey Sanchez, our Global Events Director, we have started an initiative at PrimeGlobal to take our social responsibility to the next level and stop the food waste! What a relief to know that whatever is not eaten by our PrimeGlobal members is now saved for people in need of food for their families! One small step for PrimeGlobal but one big step for social responsibility and those in need!" Thierry Delvaux, Chief Regional Officer EMEA

We managed to save more than 300 portions of leftover food that Equoevento was able to deliver to the shelters Catalina Labouré and Hermandad del Refugio, in Malasaña neighbourhood of Madrid. In less than half an hour the food left over from the lunch was delivered from Meliá hotel kitchen straight to the shelters and those in need.

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"PrimeGlobal is pleased to partner with Equoevento on this initiative. Giving back to the communities we visit is an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. Knowing that we’ve helped to make a difference during our stay in Madrid makes our event that much better and more special." Stacey Sanchez, Global Events Director

During the EMEA Regional Conference we also partnered with Adsis, a not-for-profit organization in Madrid, providing professional training and job placement for youth in underserved communities. You will have the opportunity to make a monetary donation on behalf of your firm. Adsis will directly receive all donations. Your support will provide a future full of possibilities for those in need. Please click here to make a donation to the Adsis Foundation and change the course of someone’s life.

PrimeGlobal will continue to work with charities and organisations to provide help to those less fortunate in the cities we visit. Below you will find a video detailing our CSR work during the World Conference in Mexico City.