PrimeGlobal member firms have taken huge steps to support clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. With many firm turning to new digital tools to provide platforms to connect, other firms have had to enact rapid transformation in order to keep touch with the changing landscape. 

In our fourth installment of #PGLooksBack we sat down with Aage Brink Thomsen, PrimeGlobal board member and International Tax Partner at PrimeGlobal member firm Martinsen. Aage shared his thoughts on the successes and challenges that Martinsen have faced over the past 12 months and how they have been able to continue connecting with clients and colleagues across the globe throughout the pandemic. 

PrimeGlobal's #PGLooksBack series shares the thoughts and opinions of PrimeGlobal members and staff as they look back on 2020. You can read the first instalment of #PGLooksBack with PrimeGlobal CEO Stephen Heathcote HERE> 

What do you feel have been the major successes and challenges for Martinsen over the past 12 months?

Our patient, skilled, loyal and creative employees and partners and their readiness for change have been key drivers in surviving 2020 as a stable and growing business. Working from home in a virtual office environment, away from colleagues and clients and still maintaining my sanity has been a challenge. But our response to the pandemic has also led to successes in 2020. Our high-level professional development through Martinsen-driven knowledge sharing within our Danish network RevisorGruppen Danmark regarding corona assurance products and client information updates has been a great success.

What do you feel are the major opportunities and challenges for your firm in 2021?

The corona crisis is harsh and profound in every way, but a major crisis also opens our eyes to learning and adapting new ways of doing things. Not least, this crisis opens up new digital opportunities and ways of working.

In just a few months, the corona crisis has shown us all - from stores, trading companies and industrial companies to restaurants, artisans, employees and managers - what consequences and opportunities digital transformation present for those who embrace it. And for those who wait too long. The shutdown of the Danish society as a result of COVID-19 has highlighted the benefits of digitalization, and has led many companies to develop new goods and services. Some companies have even developed a whole new business model for the business or even the industry.

The readiness for digitization in the Danish workforce and population has shown courage to react in an uncertain environment. Many companies have gained a large portion of digital self-confidence as a result of the corona crisis. Because they have been able to adapt faster, and long decision-making processes have been shortened by years and months. Not least in the public health sector where hierarchical management structures have been short cut and broken down to cope with the need for urgent, diligent and effective COVID-19 treatment. That learning we must and will bring on to 2021.

What do you see as the most valuable tool/ opportunity that PrimeGlobal provided over 2020?

Connectivity, Serviceability and Responsiveness carried out by many of our trusted PrimeGlobal business relations has been a tool  for servicing our clients in their global ambitions through referral of their need for business advice and assurance to our global colleagues. Sharing concerns and solutions with trusted colleges has been a valuable support in our decision making.

What is your personal takeaway from 2020?

Our clients' confidence in Martinsen as their preferred and trusted adviser and the great appetite for cooperation between our business partners (despite the tough and stringent parameters set out by the authorities) are the most essential parts of my takeaway from 2020.

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