#PGLooksBack with Board Member Miguel Sepúlveda

December 11, 2020

Over the past 12 months many accounting firms have had to adapt and change their operations at a remarkable speed. With the future still uncertain, firms have had to be agile in order to balance the needs of their professionals and staff with constantly shifting workplace dynamics. 

In our second instalment of #PGLooksBack we sat down with Miguel Angel Sepúlveda González, PrimeGlobal board member and managing partner at member firm Traust. Miguel shared his thoughts on the successes and challenges that Traust have faced over the past 12 months and the ways in which the traditional workplace has changed.

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What do you feel have been the major successes and challenges for your firm over the past 12 months? 

One of the main things we faced was both a success and a challenge;  the way we adapted quickly to this new normal and the way we work. Being a traditional accounting firm, where you come to work everyday and regularly visit clients premises, share breakfast and work lunches, it was hard to believe we would adapt as easily as we did. 

Our staff practically left the office one Friday for a long weekend in March and never came back, even though our offices have always been open, we are still working from home. The way our team was able to change, catch up and be able to deliver was great. The way our team has been able to close new clients in the same professional way is also something to be very proud of.

What do you feel are the major opportunities and challenges for your firm in 2021?

The main thing is that we need to show our clients and prospects how valuable our services are. We know that some of our clients who work in specific industries will start to have cash and income problems, and we need to be able to help redesign their business models in order to keep them afloat. 

What is your personal takeaway from 2020?

Being healthy and being able to support our team. From day one we decided that our main goal was to support our team and our clients. We decided that we would make many sacrifices in order to keep all of our staff in place, and we are finishing the year having kept that promise. 

We are very blessed to have a healthy team, we encouraged our team to make changes to their habits such as starting a new healthier way of life by exercising and eating better. We created a #traustchallenge where we invited our people to get active and compete in order to get fitter with more that 60% of the office joining the program.

Knowing that we are able to transform and work together to achieve great things, is very valuable. Knowing that we can support each other and that people around the world are there to support you is invaluable.

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