PIASCIK Named #3 Fastest Growing and Top 10 “Best of the Best” CPA Firms

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October 10, 2018 - PIASCIK

Glen Allen, Virginia, USA, October 9, 2018 PIASCIK, a premier provider of financial and tax services to a broad range of clients throughout the world, has been nationally recognized by INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) as the third fastest growing CPA firm, as well as one of the top 10 Best of the Best public accounting firms, under $5 million.

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“Being recognized among the Best of the Best firms is the highest honor a CPA firm can achieve. Our team consistently upholds a high level of expertise and ethical standards. We have taken innovative approaches to serving our clients’ complex tax needs. Our value-added programs have outscored many of our competitors, attracting not only new business for our firm, but also retaining clients. These have all contributed significantly to our growth in revenues, enabling us to be recognized as one of the fastest growing CPA firms in the U.S.” Steven M. Piascik, founder and president, PIASCIK

INSIDE Public Accounting has been analyzing the financial and operational metrics of the accounting profession for decades, and through the process it annually identifies the Best of the Best, based on over 70 financial and operational metrics. In 2018, more than 550 accounting firms were evaluated for growth, productivity, governance, employee retention and other areas.

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​“We’ve started seeing firms under $5 million turning in key metrics that rivalled firms five and ten times their size. The Best of the Best Firms Under $5 Million group is unique in that they are able to maintain the speed and nimbleness of hungry startup companies, while performing like the $20 million firms, with steadfast dedication to systems and processes that are improving their efficiency and performance.​" Michael Platt, Principal, INSIDE Public Accounting

Since its founding in 2001, PIASCIK has enhanced its expertise with value-added services to meet the specialized needs of its clients. For international clients establishing U.S. entities and operations, PIASCIK established the PIASCIK Passport, an award-winning business and cultural assimilation program. For its high net-worth clients and families, PIASCIK established its PIASCIK Business Management subsidiary, combining tax consulting with financial management solutions. PIASCIK also outsources accounting services to businesses that may not require a full-time CFO or staff accountant.

“Best of the Best Firms Under $5 Million are clear on what they are good at and have deep expertise in very specialized niches,” added Platt. “They are curious by nature about the needs of their clients, and looking at their growth numbers, they exhibit best-in-class growth engines. These firms are able to convert that curiosity into value-added services; an attribute that is especially impressive for firms of their size.”

In recent years, PIASCIK has enhanced its niche specialty areas to include tax consulting and tax minimization strategies for cryptocurrencies; export tax strategies including IC-DISC; 1031 Exchanges and other real estate tax strategies; multi-national corporations; and high net-worth individuals.

“The significant revenue growth in our niche specialty practice areas contributed to our high position in the ‘Fastest Growing’ group,” added Piascik. “Our firm has become a sought-after tax resource in these niche areas, and I am extremely proud of our highly capable team. Because of them, and the longstanding trust we have built with our clients, we have arrived at Best of the Best.” For more information on Best of the Best, please visit INSIDE Public Accounting.

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PIASCIK is a highly specialized service-oriented CPA firm poised to help our clients navigate through complex financial decisions with confidence and peace of mind. We act as a partner, deliver clear, concise, and intelligent financial planning, and implement tax-efficient strategies to best protect our client’s interests to transform every obstacle into an opportunity. Our headquarters in Glen Allen, Virginia, coupled with our Boutique Office located in Beverly Hills, California, allow us to best serve our lineup of Professional Athletes and International Business clients in over 59 countries worldwide, as well as across the United States with flat, not to exceed fees. We specialize in multi-state taxation and high net worth advisory services for athletes, medical practices, real-estate, investments, and trusts as well as a variety of international tax compliance issues.

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