PrimeGlobal Insights: Checklist to Help Expand Your International Business

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January 5, 2022

Our member firms need to be able to anticipate their clients’ needs and be ready to support them as they expand internationally. PrimeGlobal has therefore developed this checklist to identify the best practice steps that member firms who have successfully grown their international business have followed. Firms who are able to answer yes to these questions are significantly more likely to succeed in their international goals. 

1. Know who you are and where you are going

  Do you have clear strategic goals? 
  Which services and industries will you specialize in?
  Do you promote the benefit of internationalization to your clients?
  Is global ambition part of your firm culture?

2. Target your engagement to achieve your goals

  Are you aware of the expertise and skills of firms who you may be able to work with? 
  Do you review the member firm directory on the PrimeGlobal website to identify firms you could work with?
  Do you discuss your plans with your PrimeGlobal Regional Executive Director to help connect you to the right people?
  Do you engage and attend PrimeGlobal events, and do you encourage your wider team to do the same?
  Do you reach out to new PrimeGlobal members to expand your connections?

3. Ensure you have the capability to deliver

  Do you have staff who speak the languages necessary to support your ambition?
  Do you invest in your teams learning and development (e.g., international tax, foreign exchange, working internationally, communication skills)?
  Is your website up to date and does it demonstrate your skills, experience, and language capability? 
  Are other PrimeGlobal member firms willing to recommend you?

4. Communicate and respond

  Do you listen to what your clients are saying about international opportunities?
  Are you clear and concise about what is needed from other firms?
  Do you spend time with firms to check and understand before introducing them to your client?
  Do you respond quickly to requests for information from other firms?
  Are you aware of the PrimeGlobal code of conduct requirements, within Membership Standards, which all members must follow (e.g., responding to an inquiry for assistance from another firm within two working days)?
  Do you provide regular feedback to other firms about progress and the clients satisfaction level?

5. Demonstrate a collaborative approach

  Do you focus on the client needs – even when the client relationship is with another firm?
  Are you culturally sensitive, demonstrating patience and flexibility?
  Are you open and ready to build relationships based on trust?

6. Build on success

Do you identify lesson learnt with other firms after working together?
Do you ask other firms whether you can do more business together?
Do you discuss with other firms how you could generate more business together?
Do you identify ways to raise your client’s knowledge of international opportunities through working with other firms (e.g., how to do business in particular country presentations)?
Are you able to concisely tell your firms story – highlighting your international successes?

How can PrimeGlobal help your firm expand its international business

PrimeGlobal regional staff know and understand members and they can facilitate relevant connections.  Sharing information about referrals with them is also important to increase opportunities. 

Get in touch with your Regional Executive Director to discuss how PrimeGlobal can support you in achieving your international business goals.

Thierry Delvaux

Executive Director EMEA

Michelle Arnold

Executive Director North America

Estefania Pantoja Lahoz

Executive Director Latin America

George Guo

Executive Director Asia Pacific