PrimeGlobal continues to present strong growth across the EMEA region as shown in the recent International Accounting Bulletin 2020 Country Reports. PrimeGlobal is pleased to announce that the association ranked first in the Netherlands as well as second in both France and Germany. The data shows that PrimeGlobal member firms saw a remarkable 15% growth in turnover across France in 2020, as well as an increase of 5% in The Netherlands. 


The most recent International Accounting Bulletin Country Reports include details for a number of EMEA countries, including industry data and rankings for France, Germany and the Netherlands and Italy. Below you can find highlights and detailed reports for each of these countries below. 


  • Ranked 1st in fee income (144.6M) - 5% growth
  • Ranked 1st in total staff (1,484)


  • Ranked 2nd in fee income (280.9M) – 15%
  • Ranked 2nd in total staff (3,242) - 9% growth


  • Ranked 2nd in fee income (106M)
  • Ranked 2nd in total staff (1,163)


  • Ranked 4th in fee income (10.7M)
  • Ranked 4th in total staff (147)

Thierry 2
"PrimeGlobal firms are having a clear impact in the EMEA region, continuing to contribute to our success during what has been a challenging period for everybody across the world. It is always good to know how strong our EMEA region is in comparison to our competition. Our members and their clients have always appreciated the quality of our territory coverage in Europe, and the rankings we have reached this past year solidify the strength of our membership in these crucial locations." Thierry Delvaux, Executive Director EMEA


PrimeGlobal continues to be ranked in first position in the IAB's Association Rankings for The Netherlands with 5% growth in firm income. PrimeGlobal is represented by 7 firms in The Netherlands, whose 1,500 staff are spread across over 35 offices. PrimeGlobal were also pleased to announce the addition of a new innovative Dutch firm in 2020. Joinson&Spice joined the association in order to expand its international operations and gain new global insights. If you would like to find out more information about PrimeGlobal's Dutch member firms click HERE> 


PrimeGlobal has been ranked second in the IAB's Association Country Rankings for France with an impressive 9% growth in total staff. PrimeGlobal has also recorded the highest percentage growth in fee income for any of the top 5 associations, seeing a remarkable growth of 15%. PrimeGlobal's 11 French firms occupy over 100 offices across the country, housing more than 2,800 highly skilled professionals. If you would like to find out more information about PrimeGlobal's French members click HERE>


PrimeGlobal has achieved second position in the country rankings for Germany for the second consecutive year. PrimeGlobal members in Germany continue to achieve strong results with member firm income of over 106M EUR. PrimeGlobal is represented by 23 firms across over 50 offices in Germany. If you would like to find out more information about PrimeGlobal's German member firms click HERE>


PrimeGlobal has achieved fourth position in the country rankings for Italy. PrimeGlobal is represented by 9 firms in Italy which house approximately 150 staff across more than 15 offices. If you would like to find out more information about PrimeGlobal's Italian member firms click HERE>

Over the past 12 months, member firms across the EMEA region have built strong connections, explored new service lines and seized opportunities to advance growth, despite the uncertain global economic position caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

During 2020 PrimeGlobal's EMEA region added 8 new firms in Ireland, Ukraine, Yemen, Ghana, Niger, Romania, Netherlands and Somalia. As the EMEA region continues to add new countries to the growing list of global opportunities for members, EMEA's current member firms are rapidly expanding with strong performances being recognised in the recent The International Accounting Bulletin 2020 Country Reports.