PrimeGlobal shows strength and growth across EMEA

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December 6, 2021

PrimeGlobal retains its number one position in the Netherlands along with being highly ranked across the Nordics, Germany, France and Italy in The International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) 2021 EMEA Country Reports. The data shows that PrimeGlobal member firms saw a strong 10% growth in turnover across France in 2021, as well as a significant increase of 9% in the Netherlands.

During 2021 PrimeGlobal's EMEA region added 11 new firms across Belgium, Cameroon, Chad, France, Hungary, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda and the UK. As the EMEA region continues to add new countries to the growing list of global opportunities for members, EMEA's current member firms are rapidly expanding with strong performances being recognised in the 2021 IAB Country Reports.


The most recent International Accounting Bulletin Country Reports include details across a number of EMEA countries, including industry data and rankings for the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Italy:


  • Ranked 1st in fee income (EUR 157.9M) and 9% growth
  • Ranked 1st in total staff (1,562)


  • Ranked 2nd in fee income (EUR 46.1.9M) and 17% growth


  • Ranked 3rd in fee income (EUR 308.9M) and 10% growth
  • Ranked 3rd in total staff (3,492) and 8% growth


  • Ranked 6th in fee income (EUR 25.2M)


  • Ranked 2nd in fee income (EUR 109.6M) and 3% growth
  • Ranked 2nd in total staff (1,280) and 10% growth


  • Ranked 5th in fee income (EUR 10.6M)
  • Ranked 3rd in total staff (148) 


  • Ranked 9th in fee income (RUB 10.6M) and 17% growth

Thierry 2
“Once again the top ranking of PrimeGlobal in major Western European countries shows strength and growth. This achievement is the result of a shared vision and amazing teamwork. Our member firms lead by example and throughout this challenging period they have continued to actively engage with each other and share best practices – this provides significant value for our members and is a key driver for new firms joining PrimeGlobal.” Thierry Delvaux, Executive Director EMEA

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