PrimeGlobal Data Analytics Bootcamp

February 17, 2020

Data analytics is going beyond providing only the services clients ask for but rather helping them determine what is needed for future success. Leveraging data and technology to transform firm practice management, leadership, and firm culture is the future of the accounting profession.

The objective of the bootcamp was ambitious: to launch a successful data analytics practice within a firm and then offer it to clients with intentional growth to become an annuity service line. 

To accomplish this, it takes more than one person. PrimeGlobal invited the firms’ data analytics launch teams to attend the inaugural DA bootcamp (DAB) and work together toward this goal.

“This program provides a pragmatic and realistic roadmap to help launch a data analytics practice. As the managing partner, attending with my colleague who will be leading the practice, was of great value. This format allowed us to discuss and plan for the real opportunities and obstacles in front of us. Jeremey is an excellent presenter, and his real-life experience was invaluable”. Rob Dutkiewicz, President, Clayton McKervey

The bootcamp prep work started eight weeks before the three-day training began. Launch teams completed the required homework to be examined by the instructor, setting the stage for a customized intense learning and development experience. Fifteen PrimeGlobal launch teams, separated with private workstations, quickly engaged in navigating the challenges of starting and running a successful DA niche practice.

Coursework includes conquering the likely obstacles while starting a new service line, strategies to overcome these challenges, technology considerations, personnel training, marketing the service both internally and externally, sustainability, and profitability. The workshop was highly interactive and allowed teams ample time to discuss key concepts and design a roadmap necessary to launch this new service line. Attendees left with a custom blueprint and the necessary knowledge and tools to establish a successful and profitable data analytics business.

The second Data Analytics Bootcamp is August 26-28, 2020 in Chicago, IL, at the Sikich headquarters.

Instructor and thought leader in the accounting profession, Jeremy Clopton, has years of experience in this niche practice area. He gained his real-world understanding from working with one of the top accounting and consulting firms in the country, where he led the firm-wide Big Data & Analytics practice. During his 12 years there, Jeremy gained extensive experience in data analytics, fraud prevention, and business intelligence.