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Despite temporarily suspending registration to in-person events and conferences, PrimeGlobal continues to support firms digitally, while adopting new technologies and working on developing virtual events. We want to make sure we continue to provide world class value to our members, now more than ever.

We already provide a range of digital tools on the PrimeGlobal website and we are working with our partners to extend our virtual and digital offering. Are you making the most of these digital member-only tools?

Please have a look at the overview of digital tools below and reach out to our management team and staff for any assistance needed.

Peer Requests

Our firms are connecting through Peer Request System, which gives you the ability to share ideas and ask questions of other PrimeGlobal member firms in real time.

Members must log in to access the Peer Request system and archive, or reach out to Cole Jacobs at for any assistance needed.

Webinars and Special Interest Groups

Our SIGs and webinars continue meeting, to help increase learning opportunities and bring members together across borders. We have added a number of webinars and virtual events into our global offering, as well as a library of past events for you to listen at your own leisure. We are blending technology into our webinars, as well as offering peer-to-peer learning and sharing of best practices. 

Members must log in to access all upcoming webinars, past webinars recordings and resources.

Thought Leadership

Our firms continue to share knowledge and write inspiring and insightful thought leadership articles. We have recently launched new thought leadership themes, focusing on technology, talent development and new opportunities.

Members must log in to visit our thought leadership pages, and browse the articles by selecting different thought leadership categories from the drop down menu.

To submit your own news and thought leadership articles please fill out the 'Submit your article' form. Please also use this form to share good practices and resources in regards to coronavirus, as we continue posting relevant information on the dedicated coronavirus page to help you through the crisis. You can now also submit podcasts which can be added to the thought leadership section and shared with the public at large. Please reach out to Tim Smith at for any assistance needed.

E-Learning Library

PrimeGlobal is pleased to continue offering The Business Learning Institute's on-demand learning library for our members. The Business Learning Institute (BLI) offers members the opportunity to choose courses and curriculum from over 50 topic areas. PrimeGlobal’s content library has been customized to best meet the needs of our member firms.

Members must log in to access The Business Learning Institute's on-demand learning library.

The on-demand library is open 7 days/week, 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year. Pay as you go using the PrimeGlobal E-Library. 1 hour classes start at $23 USD.

E-Learning CPE credits are administered immediately upon completion of courses. Additional CPE information is located in the E-Library. Please contact Cole Jacobs at for help or more information.

Virtual Roundtables and Meetings

Despite temporarily suspending registration to a number of in-person events and conferences, many of our smaller meetings will continue online. Members must log in to see some of the roundtables and meetings that continue through our virtual platforms. You can also access content from our past events, where you will find valuable resources from our past speakers and members. Please reach out to Stacey Sanchez at regarding upcoming virtual events.

Alliance Partners 

Please check your regional Alliance Partners pages regularly, as we continue working with our partners to add further digital tools and software discounts for our members. For a list of current Alliance Partners and the benefits they offer to PrimeGlobal members please visit each of the regional alliance partners pages: Alliance Partners Asia Pacific, Alliance Partners EMEA, Alliance Partners LA, Alliance Partners NA.

Please contact Sarah Holland at to recommend a resource you currently use at your firm as a potential new alliance partner for PrimeGlobal.

Data Analytics Software

Following successful completion of the first Data Analytics Bootcamp, PrimeGlobal is working with relevant  Data Analytics vendors on a series of Special Presentations for our member firms. During a webinar with vendor representatives firms will be able to ask vital questions in determining what software is best suited for their new service line. Members must log in to access the first demo with Tableau, and the second will be with Keen Corp., set to take place in late April. Additional demos with Qlik and Caseware will take place during the summer.

Website Tools

As a PrimeGlobal member you have access to a wide range of resources and tools which will help you better serve your clients. For help navigating our website please visit our member website tools page. Please make sure to Log in. You will be able to find training videos and information to help you navigate your way through the PrimeGlobal website and access all the tools that any member of staff in your firm might need. Please reach out to Tim Smith at for any assistance needed.

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