PrimeGlobal EMEA 2017 Technical Conference & GASL Conference

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June 13, 2017

This year’s English speaking PrimeGlobal EMEA 2017 Technical & GASL Conference in Berlin, Germany was a great opportunity for members to take part in discussions on succession planning and IT opportunities, as well as the audit, tax and due diligence. This years' event was a great success and we would like to thank again Brigitte and Roland Schuler at FIDAIX GmbH, Uli Britting and Hans-Peter Roll from BEST AUDIT GmbH, Marion Thormeyer, Norbert Pannecke and Oliver Schlenker from  TAXON GmbH, for helping in the organization of this conference.

Thank You

Thank you to all who joined us at the PrimeGlobal EMEA 2017 Technical Conference & GASL Conferences. 

You can access all meeting resources below, including the attendees list, agenda, pictures and presentations. Please use the same link to access the CPE form and once you've completed it please send it to Jeannette Gilliland.

Some pictures of the event are also on the PrimeGlobal's Facebook page. Do not hesitate to share yours too!

We will let you know very soon the dates of the next Technical Conference and GASL Conference. In the meantime, for other upcoming events please visit the EMEA Events Page and for events in other regions please visit PrimeGlobal website

For any further question regarding this or any future events, please contact Céline Lai


PrimeGlobal EMEA 2017 Technical Conference & GASL Conference Highlights

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