Yangon, Myanmar, August 2020 - PrimeGlobal has extended its reach in Asia Pacific with the addition of KAMP Accounting & Corporate Services.  

The firm represents a valuable new resource from Myanmar, becoming the first member from the country to join the association. KAMP Accounting & Corporate Services are an experienced firm of professionals with a passion for delivering high-quality services to clients. Rather than be considered an outsourced entity, KAMP prefers to work alongside their clients as a strategic partner. The firm is invested in their clients’ success and ensures their services remain at the highest standard by instilling a passion for consistent professional development amongst their employees.  

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“Our firm prides itself in providing professional services with the highest ethical standards of integrity, competency and objectivity to ensure the client’s interests. As we are the first PrimeGlobal member firm from Myanmar, we look forward to sharing our knowledge about Myanmar tax regulations, financial reporting standards and investment opportunities with our fellow members.” Kyaw Thiha, Managing Partner at KAMP Accounting & Corporate Services
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“KAMP Accounting & Corporate Services is a young, dynamic accounting firm with great global exposure. Myanmar is an emerging ASEAN country with a promising future. The addition of a PrimeGlobal footprint in Myanmar further reflects our commitment to global diversity and extensive market coverage. I look forward to supporting KAMP in connecting with all of our PrimeGlobal member firms.” George Guo, PrimeGlobal’s Executive Director for Asia Pacific

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KAMP Accounting & Corporate Services

KAMP Accounting and Corporate Services is a Myanmar-based private company established in May 2013 to provide accounting, taxation, auditing and other business services. The firm continues to build on its professional reputation by providing excellent advice and first class professional services to clients. KAMP Accounting & Corporate Services has a wealth of experience and a strong focus on continuous professional development to ensure delivery of the highest standard. The firm prides itself on delivering an unparalleled service to its customers in various industries. Rather than being considered as an outsourced entity, KAMP Accounting and Corporate Services aligns itself with its clients as an external partner, with the aim to ensure mutual growth with its commitment to "Grow Together." The firm provides value-adding services that are integral to its clients' success, including financial analysis, reporting, IFRS conversion and on-going financial advice.

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