PrimeGlobal member firms HGS Consulting Company and Zepeda y Asociados Consultores have merged to form ZyA y Hurtado Consultores, S.C. in the Bajío Region of Mexico. 

PrimeGlobal not only connects businesses throughout the world, but provides a platform for firms to learn, transform and grow.  Managing Partners Salvador Hurtado and Luis Gerardo Zepeda recount the journey they have taken with PrimeGlobal to create ZyA y Hurtado Consultores, S.C..

"We both started out with a dream of independence and creating companies based on knowledge and experience. We wanted to go beyond the optimal average level of client demands to achieve the highest quality of service. 

Our first step to reaching this goal was a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice and a lot of dedicated time and important decisions. Above all, it was the many people involved; supporting families, contributing collaborators and close friends that came together to compose an increasingly solid firm. The first results were gradually consolidated firms, larger and more recognized. 

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​"It took me more than 20 years to achieve this level. With big steps, stumbling blocks, mistakes and success I achieved business maturity and joined PrimeGlobal with the strong conviction of continuing to make the decisions that make me increasingly stronger." Luis Gerardo Zepeda, Managing Partner
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"After only 4 years of starting to operate I got the opportunity to meet great experts and did not hesitate to join PrimeGlobal in order to move towards new ideologies" Salvador Hurtado, Managing Partner

We both separately experienced something constant within our firms; change with growing uncertainty. However, we never gave up and continued to grow. When we met and gradually got to know each other in local, national and worldwide meetings, we realized that we agreed on our vision of business. We shared our experience, frustration, talents, direction and all with the same goal: growth, transcendence, talent, service, quality and continuous improvement. 

We are therefore very pleased to share that as of September 2nd, 2019, we performed a business integration between HGS Consulting Company and Zepeda y Asociados Consultores became ZyA y Hurtado Consultores, S.C. in Bajío Region.

PrimeGlobal not only connects businesses throughout the world, not only firms that can cater to a local client’s needs, but brings together great minds that are able to transform our discipline and realities towards making a change in the world of business, work and global economy. Thanks to Prime Global we found each other, support each other and are now associated towards creating a better version of business in Mexico. ZyA y Hurtado Consultores was born for you."

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Zepeda y Asociados Contadores, S.C.

By processing data and integrating financial statements, we become an extension of your organization achieving costs reduction, optimizing of the use of the resources and providing on time and accurate financial information for better decision making. We have more than 25 years of widely varying experience as a group of certificated professionals committed towards the need for a new economic and business order.Given the continuous tax, accounting, legal and labor amendments implemented by the corresponding authorities each year, the expertise, capacity and preparation degree needs in such disciplines must be permanent, therefore our specialist are certificated in different areas.

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