Mexico based firm Traust Accounting was contacted by a US PrimeGlobal member Allen, Gibbs & Houlik, L.C. in early 2018. AGH had a client needing support in Monterrey, Mexico and Traust stepped up with immediate responsiveness and proficiency.

Tim Ellis, Senior Manager, Tax Services at AGH was impressed! During the initial phone conference with both the client and CPA, Traust was able to explore and ascertain the client’s requests and describe the services that they could provide. The client was thrilled with the sense of urgency and expertise offered by the Traust team. Subsequently, Traust supported the conversation by sending a timely quote for their services, teaming  with AGH. The contract was executed and Traust now supports this Wichita, KS, USA client with their banking assistance in Mexico.

Tim Ellis
"We had a similar project with some firms in the Netherlands and Germany and the experiences were very similar. All firms including Traust were very easy to work with and flexible to set-up conference calls with. All firms we have had the chance to work with or talk to so far have all been very professional and knowledgeable, as expected. It’s a very big asset or at least a relief to know that any initial issues or concerns of the quality of the firms are not an issue or concern and we can just move straight into discussions of what our clients are in need of help on. " Tim Ellis - Senior Manager, Tax Services Allen, Gibbs & Houlik, L.C.

Tim Ellis continued by stating that "There is a great benefit to the PrimeGlobal network to have the vetting portion completed so that we can move straight into more details and better and deeper discussions. We were fortunate that our client was looking for a service provider in the Monterrey area and that the provider is Traust as I think they will be a good fit to be able to help our client with their accounting needs in Mexico."

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Traust Accounting is the effort of more than 100 people working along with your team. Our firm began in 1973, under the personal name of CPA Jesus Mario Treviño Sepúlveda. In 1983, we became the Office Sepúlveda Treviño S.C., and have been growing ever since. Today, we bring the experience of over 40 years in business to the accounting industry, helping companies and individuals make the best decisions in matters related to tax, audit, accounting and finance.

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Built on the foundation of a strong audit and tax practice and driven by client need, Allen, Gibbs & Houlik, L.C. (AGH) offers a broad range of advisory services in multiple industry sectors. AGH looks forward to the opportunity to help and exchange knowledge within the PrimeGlobal member firms. Outside the “traditional” accounting arena, client needs led AGH to create advisory services addressing those concerns. AGH Employer Solutions helps clients recruit, compensate, engage and retain talent, handle payroll or provide an outsourced CFO/controller. AGH Advisors walks companies through business transitions, mergers and acquisitions, from analyzing options to post-merger operation.

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