PrimeGlobal Jumps to 2nd Place in IAB Asia Pacific Rankings

PrimeGlobal News
September 8, 2021

PrimeGlobal is pleased to share news of the association's remarkable growth in Asia Pacific. PrimeGlobal's Asia Pacific region reported an aggregated firm revenue growth of 247% for the year 2020/21 as the region witnessed growth across all service lines. PrimeGlobal's 48 Asia Pacific members welcomed more than 200 new partners and 1,800 professional staff in 2020/21 as PrimeGlobal's reach across the region further extended, with a staggering 44% growth in the number of new office locations.

As a result, PrimeGlobal is expected to move to 2nd place in the Asia Pacific International Accounting Bulletin rankings.

PrimeGlobal’s position in the IAB’s rankings of associations continues to improve as our member firms continue to report remarkable growth in all key sub regions. Key highlights include:

  • China - leapfrogged to 2nd (2021 - $281.9m revenue) from 8th  (2020 - $14.7m revenue)
  • Hong Kong  - jumped to 2nd (2021 - $202.6m revenue) from 6th (2020 - $36.8m revenue)
  • In Singapore a +$40m revenue firm (Incorp Global) joined in 2021 which will move PrimeGlobal to 1st  from 5th in the rankings
  • 2021 vs 2020 - 40% growth in South Korea10% growth in Japan and 6% growth in India
  • PrimeGlobal expected to move to 2nd from 9th in the Asia Pacific rankings
Steve Heathcote Prime Global Ceo
“Our growth in Asia Pacific is the result of the implementation of a focused Strategy which was supported by our firms worldwide. We are delighted that we have been able to welcome such strong firms to PrimeGlobal across the region. Despite the challenges created by the pandemic, Asia Pacific remains the world growth engine with a growing middle class and consumer market. Our strength in the region will provide more opportunities to help companies trade across borders. Our member firms are already connecting more than ever, across regions, to help the bounce back to a sustained economic recovery.” Steve Heathcote, PrimeGlobal CEO

In 2020/21 PrimeGlobal's recruitment efforts were particularly focused on Greater China and ASEAN, to provide our members with new opportunities in these two key sub regions. With the addition of new member firms Zhongxinghua CPA LLP (Beijing, China) and InCorp Global (Singapore, Singapore), PrimeGlobal has strengthened its offering to existing members and in doing so greatly improved the association's global standings. 

To find out more about PrimeGlobal's Asia Pacific firms have a look at our AP Directory or contact George Guo, Asia Pacific Executive Director.