PrimeGlobal Insights Podcast: ESR Panel Discussion

Business Opportunities
April 30, 2021

The PrimeGlobal Insights podcast is a new podcast dedicated to answering the biggest questions facing the accounting profession today. In the latest episode of the PrimeGlobal Insights podcast we were joined by a talent of experts discussing how environmental and social responsibility issues are steadily creating significant opportunities for accounting professionals. Members can log in to watch the full recording HERE> 

This panel was moderated by Rob Brown, Business Development Coach for Accounting Professionals at Business Development AcademyRob was joined by Anne Ascharsobi, Director of Social and Environmental Impact at Xero, Brent Leslie, Director of Audit and Attest Services at Berkowitz Pollack Brant, Laura Sands, Lead Principal at KCoe Isom and Ian Hugget, Partner at Thomas Westcott.

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