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February 18, 2021 - AG International Consulting LLC

PrimeGlobal members are consistently expanding and developing new advanced technology services to provide their clients with the latest digital solutions. PrimeGlobal member firm AGIC LLC (Tbilisi, Georgia) has actively started developing digital services. Currently AGIC already provides some of its services digitally such as: invoice management, document archiving, team management and data analytics.

In 2021 the company is planning to launch a new software that will unite the most essential digital services in one space. The software is already in the development stage and will be launched later this year.

Outsourcing and using digital accounting services has been quite popular in the business sector and it’s becoming even more attractive due to the distance created by the pandemic. There are various challenges related to outsourcing accounting services as well as digital accounting and we would like to create a service that will overcome all these obstacles.

The biggest challenges include: interactive access to information, poor communication with clients, lack of financial reporting and overall analysis of company’s current state.As a response to existing challenges, the new platform will offer data management and analysis, digital accounting services as well as business process and team management. The new platform will include following main functions:

Financial Performance

Platform will include detailed information on customer’s financial performance imported from analytical software. User will be able to customize and import information.

Cash Performance

Integrated information about customer’s transactions and general cash performance. As well as pending and unpaid invoices. The data will be imported from internet bank as well as online invoice management system.

Tax Performance

Information about customer’s tax performance will be imported from Revenue Services’ website. The data will include current tax balance, as well as upcoming tax-related payments.

Team Management

Team Management will include detailed information about staff, including their contracts and time offs. In this section customer will be able to see the current projects according to staff members and team’s overall performance.

In order to ensure the high-quality of platform, AGIC team is working to offer following integrations: Factorial HR, Zoho Analytics, Microsoft Power BI, Zoho WorkDrive. In addition to these integrations, our team is actively working to add online banking and integrate tax information from revenue services.

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