PrimeGlobal’s updated logo highlights member firms are trusted advisors

PrimeGlobal News
March 9, 2022

As accounting and tax services move to the cloud and automate, we know that our member firms’ clients increasingly value them for their added value advice.  This has been demonstrated throughout the pandemic as our firms learned more about their clients than ever before.  Member firms used this knowledge to help their clients anticipate and adapt so they could survive and thrive.  Their trusted advisor status is stronger than ever.  With further economic uncertainty on the way, member firms’ clients need their advice more than ever before.

Our current membership criteria are prescriptive and do not reflect that the services many members are providing are becoming more advisory in nature.  We are currently underselling our member firms by describing them as accounting firms when the value they provide goes way beyond accounts preparation. We therefore asked our member firms to endorse changes to the way we present the association to better highlight the value firms provide.  

PrimeGlobal is the most diverse association globally, covering approximately 950 locations, with our DNA firmly rooted to accounting, tax and audit firms.  We are confident that we are the home for firms which are ready to anticipate and provide the advice their clients need.  The proposed changes have been overwhelmingly supported across all our regions so from 1 July 2022, members firms will be able to proudly state they are members of – The Association of Advisory and Accounting Firms.  

The change helps promote our firms as going way beyond traditional accounting, audit, and tax services through the advice they provide their clients.  As an alternative, member firms may choose to say they are an Independent Member of PrimeGlobal.  Member firms can choose which presentation best fits their positioning and branding.

PrimeGlobal will continue to look at ways to help member firms develop an advisory mindset through sharing practices to embrace technology, develop capability and use data analytics.  Our PrimeGlobal Insights focus on developing advisory talent and opening new business opportunities.

In accordance with our Bylaws, member firms can only change their logo after the Regional Member meetings in June 2022.  However, the new logo and download page is available now so member firms can start to plan the change, please contact our communications team for details.  We would love to hear how our members plan to adopt the revised logo so we can profile firms how are leading the way.  

Adoption can begin from July 1 2022.  All branding must reflect the revisions by January 1 2024.

We are very proud of the positive impact our firms have on businesses worldwide, so this is an opportunity to shout about it. If you have any questions about the logo please feel free to contact the communications team on