From carbon emissions to waste management, events have many impacts that can be significant for the environment. We recognize these impacts and are striving to create meetings that leave a positive impact in the communities where our meetings are being held. In an effort to produce meetings that are more sensitive to the environment, we are pleased to unveil PrimeGlobal Planet, our new initiative created to lessen the environmental footprint in the cities we visit.

Producing green events goes beyond specific actions such as recycling, serving local/organic food or reducing printing. A 100% sustainable event incorporates a balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress. They also require a series of specific actions in nine areas of event management: Accommodations, Audiovisual, Communications, Destination Selection, Exhibits, Food and Beverage, Meeting Venue, On-Site Office and Transportation.

We are excited to launch PrimeGlobal Planet at the Emerging Leaders Conference. Here is just a small sampling of our green efforts you were able to experience while in Chicago; a city offering ecotourism to is 51 million visitors each year.

  • Accommodations – Intercontinental Chicago is Green Seal Certified Hotel and is the first Chicago hotel to receive Energy Star rating (2008-Present). 
  • Transportation – hotel is accessible by all mass transit; offsite activities are walkable to and from the hotel
  • Food and Beverage – chef will create a menu utilizing seasonal products, which come from fair trade suppliers, incorporating food and beverage from other groups in-house to minimize waste
  • Meeting Venue – recycling bins available for plastic and paper products, cloth napkins utilized for meals
  • Local Community Support – left over food will be donated to Pacific Garden Mission, a homeless shelter located in Chicago