The International Accounting Bulletin has ranked PrimeGlobal as the top association in Panama in the recently released 2019 Country Reports for Latin America. PrimeGlobal also ranked highly in Mexico and Columbia, finishing second in both countries. 

The data shows monumental growth of 34% for PrimeGlobal firms in Colombia in 2019, with an increase of 4% in for PrimeGlobal firms in Mexico. PrimeGlobal looks forward to continued expansion in Latin America, with these results indicative of the strength of the association in the region.  

Estefania Pantoja1 Smiling 04 2017
"The level of growth is the result of the work that our member firms have done in the past years. PrimeGlobal is proud to keep supporting them by enhancing the range of services and tools that help them to better serve their clients. Engaged members are the key to success and there is nothing more tangible than the results of the IAB reports." Estefania Pantoja Lahoz, PrimeGlobal Latin America Executive Director

The Panama Association Rankings

PrimeGlobal has ranked in first position in the IAB's Association Rankings for Panama and are represented by 3 firms in the region. Find out information about PrimeGlobal's Panamanian member firms HERE>

Mexico Association Rankings

PrimeGlobal firms in Mexico saw a 4% growth in 2019 with the association ranked second in the IAB's Association Country Rankings. PrimeGlobal is represented by 12 member firms in Mexico and you can find information about the firms HERE>

PrimeGlobal Colombia Association Rankings

PrimeGlobal has achieved second position in the country rankings for Colombia, with an enormous 34% increase in firm income in 2019. You can view our Colombian PrimeGlobal member firm by clicking HERE>

PrimeGlobal Peru Association Rankings

PrimeGlobal has ranked third in the country rankings for Peru and are represented by three firms in the country. You can view the Peruvian PrimeGlobal member firms by clicking HERE>