The International Accounting Bulletin recently released the 2019 Country Reports for a number of EMEA countries, including industry data and rankings for France, Germany and the Netherlands. PrimeGlobal is pleased to announce the association ranked as first in the Netherlands as well as second in both France and Germany. 

The data shows that PrimeGlobal member firms saw a remarkable 12% growth in turnover across France in 2019, as well as an increases of 6% in both Germany and the Netherlands. As PrimeGlobal continues to grow in the EMEA region, adding new firms in key countries and industries, our members continue to take advantage of the many benefits of being a part of such an active PrimeGlobal region. 

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"PrimeGlobal is very proud to have such wonderful and engaged members in the EMEA region. PrimeGlobal's strong position in the recent IAB Country Reports reflect the hard work, dedication and expert services that our members provide. PrimeGlobal firms are having a powerful impact in EMEA, with sustained growth, which we look forward to continuing." Thierry Delvaux, PrimeGlobal EMEA Executive Director

The Netherlands Association Rankings

PrimeGlobal has been ranked in first position in the IAB's Association Rankings for the Netherlands with 6% growth in firm income in 2019. PrimeGlobal are represented by 6 firms in the Netherlands. Find out information about PrimeGlobal's Dutch member firms HERE> 

France Association Rankings

PrimeGlobal has been ranked second in the IAB's Association Country Rankings for France with an impressive 12% growth. PrimeGlobal is represented by 11 member firms. You can find information about PrimeGlobal's French members HERE>

PrimeGlobal Germany Association Rankings

PrimeGlobal has achieved second position in the country rankings for Germany, with a 6% increase in firm income in 2019. PrimeGlobal are represented by 23 firms in Germany. You can view all German PrimeGlobal member firms by clicking HERE>