PrimeGlobal Supports Ukraine

PrimeGlobal Supports Ukraine
March 10, 2022

PrimeGlobal Statement

Today PrimeGlobal opened its Technical Conference in Budapest with mixed emotions. While the association and its members are pleased to be back meeting in-person after such a long time apart, it cannot be ignored that just across the border to the east, the Ukrainian people are desperately fighting a war against an unwelcome aggressor. 

PrimeGlobal’s Chair of the Board, Mark Worsey, opened the conference with an important statement that PrimeGlobal strongly condemns Putin’s aggression and attack on Ukraine. This statement was followed by a 1-minute applause for reflection and to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people and condemnation of the Russia’s aggression.

Over the last few weeks it has been heart-warming to see that PrimeGlobal members across the world have rallied to support Oxana Kuzyura, Managing Partner of Kyiv member firm Laudis Legal & Accountancy. PrimeGlobal will continue to support the Laudis Legal & Accountancy team, both through this crisis and in the aftermath, by helping member firms make sanctions effective and promoting humanitarian support.

PrimeGlobal commits to prioritising steps which will have an immediate impact.  However, long lasting impact will be achieved by the actions PrimeGlobal member firms take. The association trusts the integrity of all its independent member firms across Europe, and the rest of the world, to avoid doing business that could support the war. 

Steve Heathcote, PrimeGlobal CEO, reminds members that there is strength in unity and friendship, and during these times of crisis, these bonds are more important than ever. As a global association, PrimeGlobal supports Ukraine and demands a return of peace as soon as possible.

Through PrimeGlobal's news, events and thought leadership, members have access to key insights and global updates. Visit the PrimeGlobal Supports Ukraine hub to access resources and information, including support to help member firms assess client bases and support sanctions.