In April 2020, PrimeGlobal and Thomson Reuters joined forces to launch a multi-year global partnership hosting a series of events and thought leadership content on diversity and women's leadership.  The International Accounting Bulletin takes a closer look. 

The PrimeGlobal-Thomson Reuters partnership represents a significant step in international cooperation throughout the accounting profession. PrimeGlobal is one of the largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world, comprising around 300 independent public accounting firms in 90 countries. Thomson Reuters offers robust tax, accounting and auditing software, research guidance and services using the latest cutting­-edge innovation to bolster the capabilities of tax professionals around the globe.

This partnership was born from an eye­opening session given by Charlotte Rushton, President - Tax and Accounting Professionals at Thomson Reuters, at last year's PrimeGlobal Women's Leadership Conference. Rushton presented staggering statistics from recent studies, suggesting that women in the accounting profession still struggle to bridge the gender gap. The PrimeGlobal-Thomson Reuters partnership came from the need to address these issues and focus on diversity and the advancement and career development of women in the CPA environment.

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"The past few months have served as a stark reminder on how interconnected we all truly are, and in that spirit, what better way to empower the next phase of our profession's development than by finding new ways to inform and cultivate a community of stronger, more capable professionals. We're proud to enter into this partnership that will allow for not only a free flow of ideas and experiences, but foster the careers of these executives both burgeoning and advancing in the industry, putting them on a path to success for years to come." Charlotte Rushton, President - Tax and Accounting Professionals at Thomson Reuters
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"During these challenging times, the world needs the strongest leadership possible to help businesses build resilience and, ultimately, drive the recovery. Although there have been significant steps taken towards gender equality, there are still challenges which prevent women from taking on leadership positions - a huge loss of leadership potential for us all. That's why we’re excited to work with a partner like Thomson Reuters that shares our values. Over the months ahead we will focus on shining a light on the many inspiring women leaders across PrimeGlobal member firms and within Thomson Reuters, while creating a forum that allows for everyone to participate in the future of our industry." Steve Heathcote, CEO at PrimeGlobal

Since the partnership launch in April, PrimeGlobal and Thomson Reuters have hosted a series of events and launched a thought leadership campaign around PrimeGlobal women leaders. Initiatives included a webinar titled Stepping up into tomorrow: making your development plan work for you, hosted by Thomson Reuters' Nora Morales. The webinar focused on empowering women to take their career trajectory into their own hands. The session explored objectives for a designed pathway, detailing why a developed career plan needs to be a priority, and the steps that should be considered in developing one.

A year-long thought leadership campaign, the Women in Leadership Spotlight, highlighted PrimeGlobal's women leaders and champions to demonstrate how women are levelling up in the industry. This global campaign includes thought leadership articles by leaders from across the globe, and it will be followed with webinar series hosted by Thomson Reuters and women leaders from North American, European, Asian and Latin American PrimeGlobal firms.

A highlight of the partnership has been the virtual Women's Leadership Conference, jointly hosted by PrimeGlobal and Thomson Reuters in early June. The event was attended by nearly 300 participants from four continents. As part of the conference Rushton hosted a panel discussion titled Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Boldness, together with leaders from PrimeGlobal firms where both male and female partners discussed how the firms are involving, promoting and empowering women in the firm environment. The conference also hosted an interactive session titled Building Meaningful Client Relationships, where female leaders shared strategies for developing connections virtually, both with existing and new clients.

PrimeGlobal and Thomson Reuters are currently working on adding webinars to the summer and autumn schedule. The goal is to continue to bring value to members, with novel and thought-provoking content. While this initiative, in its first year, focuses on including and enhancing female leadership, it will progress to address larger issues of inclusivity and diversity in the industry.

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