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January 13, 2021

PrimeGlobal recently welcomed over 800 delegates to the 2021 PrimeGlobal Tax and Business Assurance Virtual Conferences. The association partnered with virtual events specialists TK Events to provide members with an innovative digital experience, creating a fully immersive and interactive virtual conference.

The PrimeGlobal Tax and Business Assurance Virtual Conferences ran from 5th – 8th January 2021 and gave attendees the opportunity to hear from 26 international experts discussing some of the most pressing issues facing the accounting profession today. 

The virtual platform gave delegates the chance to interact and share insights in real-time through online chat forums, connect with any of the 10 influential sponsors through breakout rooms, hunt for clues and win prizes through the virtual scavenger hunt and engage in inspiring and impactful CSR activities.

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“This was a phenomenally successful effort at recreating an actual conference given the constraints. I am very impressed. Thanks to the PrimeGlobal team. This was so much better than the typical webinar. The speakers were exceptional, and the tool that was used to create the experience is nonpareil.” Donald Keninitz, Principal, E Cohen

As part of the PrimeGlobal 2021 Tax and Business Assurance Virtual Conferences, delegates also had an opportunity to engage in an important and innovative CSR experience. PrimeGlobal partnered with Wine to Water to engage our community in a meaningful team experience, building water filters for those without access to clean drinking water. Through this partnership, PrimeGlobal directly contributes to reaching over 1,500 people with clean water for 10 years.

The global pandemic has meant that many organizations are finding new ways to produce and host engaging events. At the beginning of the pandemic, PrimeGlobal recognized the importance of the relationships and connections that our members share and responded quickly to provide members with virtual opportunities to connect and share experiences. In 2020 alone PrimeGlobal hosted over 250 virtual events, enhancing member engagement, and generating thought-provoking and insightful discussion.

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“PrimeGlobal is all about relationships, and the organization moved very quickly to provide excellent resources to help member firms remain connected in a virtual world. There was an astonishing array of online events including regional conferences, sub-regional round tables, webinars from top industry thinkers and social gatherings. We discovered a silver lining, as many of our partners and employees who had not previously attended PrimeGlobal events became engaged.” Elaine Pantel, Partner, Shimmerman Penn

Giving Back. Benefiting Communities. Providing Care.

Environmental Social Responsibility

PrimeGlobal was proudly named 2020 Sustainable Organization of the year by the International Accounting Bulletin. The association is passionate about promoting sustainability by supporting local environments, promoting diversity and assisting communities through our staff, member firms and wider stakeholders. Learn more today.

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