La Paz, Bolivia, January 2021 – We pleased to welcome experienced Bolivian firm Covan Consultoria to PrimeGlobal's Latin American region. Originally specializing solely in audit, Covan Consultoria expanded its repertoire to include consulting, taxation and technology services. The firm’s leaders honed their skills at the Big Four accounting firms and have used this knowledge to shape the long-term direction of Covan Consultoria. Their recent expansion to Santa Cruz reiterates the ambitious mindset of the firm and aligns with their goals to operate on a global level. 

Jose Pavez
“We are proud to deliver work that aligns with our goal of providing quality and efficiency to all our clients and look forward to forming relationships with PrimeGlobal member firms to aid us in achieving this. We are honored to be a part of an award-winning association like PrimeGlobal.” Jose L. Pavez, Managing Partner at Covan Consultoria
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“Covan Consultoria is a valuable addition to the association as it brings a new geographical resource to PrimeGlobal and our members, adding representation in Bolivia and aiding in the continued expansion of PrimeGlobal’s reach in Latin America.” Estefy Pantoja, PrimeGlobal’s Executive Director for Latin America

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Covan Consultoria SRL

Since the inception of Covan Consultoria in 2001, the firm has grown from providing a singular specialization in auditing to become a multi-service company that delivers consulting, taxation and technology services along with their initial audit offering. A trusted advisor and auditor to several small and medium-sized businesses in La Paz, the firm has recently expanded to Santa Cruz, offering their services to companies in the city considered to be the economic engine of Bolivia. Formed on a solid foundation of Big Four experience, the firm aims to utilise this knowledge to guide the longterm vision and success of the firm. Covan is passionate about delivering services of the highest quality while prioritising efficiency and accuracy.

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