Tres Rios, Costa Rica, May 2020 – PrimeGlobal is pleased to announce the addition of Costa Rica based firm, DFV Tax Advisory to the Association’s Latin America region.

With over 10 years of experience in accounting, DFV Tax Advisory are recognized as a leading firm in business innovation, providing services that exceed the expectations of their clients. Through innovative technological tools and a committed team of executives, DFV Tax Advisory solve problems for their clients quickly and accurately.  DFV Tax Advisory have a proud history of providing clients with reliable, efficient and versatile financial and administrative services; facilitating decision making with timely and reliable information.

“Backed by 10 years of experience in accounting and tax processes and 5 years in administrative processes DFV Tax Advisors is a leader in business innovation with a full commitment to service and quality. We are characterized by our versatility to achieve the objectives of our clients and we are really happy to be part of PrimeGlobal for Costa Rica.” Daniel Figueroa Villalobos, Managing Partner at DFV Tax Advisory
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“We are very happy to welcome DFV Tax Advisory to PrimeGlobal. With such a strong focus on business innovation and contemporary solutions, DFV Tax Advisory are perfectly positioned to share crucial knowledge and expertise with other PrimeGlobal members in the Latin America region and beyond.” Estefy Pantoja, PrimeGlobal’s Executive Director for Latin America

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DFV Tax Advisory

DFV Tax Advisory is recognized as a leading firm in business innovation and we provide high-quality services that exceed the expectations of our clients. Our committed team of executives is trained to solve problems for our clients, and our versatility allows us to tailor our solutions to ensure a personalised service. DFV Tax Advisory utilises innovative technological tools along with enviable human capital to facilitate the swift processing of information to ensure client satisfaction. Our team is fully committed to customer service and we pride ourselves on solving problems for our clients quickly and accurately. We develop advanced management strategies that help businesses achieve their objectives and we provide quality support in our speciality areas of accounting, tax, human resources and auditing.

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