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April 21, 2021 - ProAudit

Tunis, Tunisia, April 2021 – PrimeGlobal are pleased to welcome ProAudit as the association’s newest Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) member. Founded in 2003, ProAudit is an expert accountancy firm, considered amongst the leading accountants in Tunisia. ProAudit has a wealth of experience in offshoring foreign companies and has positioned itself as an ideal partner for foreign investors looking to succeed in establishing themselves in Tunisia. With the addition of ProAudit, PrimeGlobal has extended its robust coverage in Tunisia to six independent member firms, providing our members with opportunities to serve their clients with the best possible services throughout Tunisia and the wider EMEA region.  

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“We are pleased to welcome ProAudit to PrimeGlobal. With strong experience in international business and deep knowledge of foreign investment, ProAudit provide a wealth of opportunities for our member firms and their clients. As PrimeGlobal’s sixth independent member firm in Tunisia, ProAudit’s expertise and specialist knowledge will enhance PrimeGlobal's already strong offering in Tunisia. We are excited to welcome ProAudit to the association and are confident that our existing members will benefit from the skills and expertise of our newest member firm.” Thierry Delvaux, PrimeGlobal’s Executive Director for EMEA

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ProAudit is an expert accountancy firm, considered among the best expert accountants in Tunisia, and founded in 2003 by two Tunisian chartered accountants, Mohamed Amine Jamoussi and Tarak Zahaf. ProAudit facilitates relocation operations for foreign companies, and provides them with the guidance and expertise necessary to succeed in their establishment in Tunisia. Offshoring activities include legal establishment of companies, tax optimization in accordance with Tunisian regulations and international agreements to avoid double taxation, assistance from developers during all phases of the establishment of their entities, legal monitoring of the company including choosing the legal form, assistance with formalities, preparation for incorporation, capital growth, transmission.

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