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May 24, 2021 - Prom Audit

Tashkent City, Uzbekistan, May 2021 - PrimeGlobal is pleased to welcome Prom Audit as the association’s first member firm from Uzbekistan. Operating since 2005, Prom Audit is one of the leading audit companies in the Central Asia region, with a reputation for providing dynamic, high-quality services to their clients. The firm's deep knowledge and experience of the Uzbek market will help existing members take advantage of the opportunities available in the region. As PrimeGlobal's first member firm in Central Asia, Prom Audit represent an excellent new resource to existing PrimeGlobal members and are emblematic of the growth seen across the association's Asia Pacific region during the last year. 

Doniyor Islamov Prom Audit Cropped
"It is a great honor for us to be the first representative from Central Asia in PrimeGlobal. We believe that not only our clients and Uzbekistan market as a whole, will benefit from the professional insights gained from PrimeGlobal, but also clients of the association worldwide will receive excellent services of Prom Audit. " Doniyor Islamov, Managing Partner, Prom Audit
George Guo
"Prom Audit is a young, dynamic firm with a strong management team who have extensive Big Four experience. As PrimeGlobal's first member firm in Uzbekistan, Prom Audit represents a wonderful new resource in Central Asia. Recent changes within Uzbekistan such as the adoption of IFRS, have created increasing international business opportunities in the region. Prom Audit's knowledge and experience in Central Asia means that our existing member firms now have a gateway into the region, through which they can build new global relationships and better serve their clients." George Guo, Executive Director for Asia Pacific, PrimeGlobal

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Prom Audit has been operating in the Uzbek market since 2005. This firm is one of the leading audit companies in the Central Asia region, with an impeccable reputation. Prom Audit provides services in the field of audit of financial statements in accordance with the national (NAS) and international (IFRS) standards. The firm utalizes international best practice and has a strong position in providing audit and consulting services with a focus in IFRS

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