Lima, Peru, September 25th, 2019 – PrimeGlobal is pleased to announce the addition of Peru based Transfer Pricing Advisors S.A.C. to the association’s Latin America region.

Transfer Pricing Advisors S.A.C. is a Peruvian firm with more than 13 years of experience providing specialized services of transfer pricing and business consulting, with a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach. TP Advisors’ expert team has proven experience, advising companies from various economic sectors and jurisdictions in Latin America, achieving excellent results thanks to their thorough, dedicated and precise conduct.

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“We are pleased to welcome Transfer Pricing Advisors S.A.C. to PrimeGlobal. The extensive experience and deep, multidisciplinary knowledge at TP Advisors will be a wonderful new resource for all PrimeGlobal member firms.” Estefy Pantoja, Chief Regional Officer, Latin America
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“In the current context of unprecedented, globalized economy, organizations have evolved to become multinational groups seeking to make new connections and ways to innovate. Organizations therefore seek to centralize services, restructure schemes and business lines, sign distribution agreements, buy and sell companies, open or close subsidiaries and branches. These activities have generated many fiscal and financial problems that are the core of Transfer Pricing. Our goal is to be the first option to solve those complex issues and take advantage of opportunities to make the group grow.” Jorge Andrade, TP Advisors’ Managing Partner

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Transfer Pricing Advisors S.A.C.

We are a Peruvian firm with more than 13 years providing Transfer Pricing Solutions, Corporate Finance and International Taxation, with a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach, with Headquarters located in Lima - Peru. TPA Advisors provides, as a guarantee to its clients, professionalism and international experience in 16 LATAM countries. Moreover, the firm has databases recognized worldwide that provide the technical support required by both local tax administrations and international organizations, and covering all types of consultation; the main ones are: TP Catalyst, Veritrade Business and Royalystat. In TPA Advisors, we act as partners providing concise and intelligent planning with efficient strategies to better protect the corporate interest, advising on each operation you carry out and complying with the fiscal and financial guidelines is our objective. The fundamental basis in the provision of our services is the firm growth of our staff through a healthy, cordial and constant training environment. Our mission is to provide high quality services, through the development of trust relationships and constant updating and innovation in all areas that promote the success of our customers.

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