Niamey, Niger, March 2020 - PrimeGlobal is pleased to announce the addition of Niger based firm, YERO Audit & Conseil to the Association’s Europe, Middle East & Africa region. 

YERO are a team of 18 highly skilled professionals, who specialize in public finance consulting with extensive experience in the mining, petroleum and telecommunications industries. As one of the leading auditing and consulting firms in Niger, YERO consistently delivers outstanding services to their local and international clients. By joining PrimeGlobal, YERO are looking to extend their international reach and continue their impressive growth. 

Hama Yero
“Our firm has reached a level of growth that requires it to be part of a large international organization to gain more trust from our clients and partners. It is with this in mind that we have turned to PrimeGlobal and we are pleased to be part of this large professional association. We hope to have the opportunity to create synergies with the members of the association and it is with honour that we will wear the colours of PrimeGlobal in Niger.” Hama Hamadou Garba, Managing Partner, YERO Audit & Conseil
Thierry 2
“PrimeGlobal proudly and consistently attracts new, growing member firms. YERO Audit & Conseil understand the importance of being connected globally and see the value and opportunities that PrimeGlobal offer to our international member firms. As PrimeGlobal continues to offer existing members even greater geographical reach, we are very pleased to add a new country to the EMEA region. As PrimeGlobal’s first member firm in Niger, YERO Audit & Conseil represent a valuable new resource for all PrimeGlobal member firms.” Thierry Delvaux, PrimeGlobal’s Executive Director for EMEA

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YERO Audit & Conseil

YERO Audit & Conseil is one of the leading auditing and consulting firms in Niger. We specialise in public finance and hold extensive expertise in the mining, petroleum and telecommunications industries. Our team of 18 is professional, multi-cultural and client focused, using long-term experience and unique perspective to deliver outstanding service to our clients. As we continue to expand our influence in Niger, we have secured the confidence of donors such as The European Union and French Development Agency, allowing us to invest in the future of Yero Audit & Conseil and to continue our growth as a firm while prioritising our clients,

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