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July 6, 2021 - QuAdrans Law and Finance

This is a thought leadership article from PrimeGlobal member firm QuAdrans Law and Finance sharing relaxation techniques to combat stress in the home office.

Stress causes the body to react in different ways, the most common of which are hair loss, back pain, and even difficulty sleeping.  It is “normal to feel stressed by the workload”, what is not normal is to stay with that feeling.  In the workplace there is a law that seeks to identify and prevent psychosocial risks that may affect the health of Mexican workers, NOM-035.

Specialists recommend practicing relaxation techniques that help reduce stress and of course have a better quality of life, even if you have a chronic disease.  In some cases, it is advisable to practice a sport that helps you reduce negative energy, such as swimming, a low-impact sport that avoids injury as much as possible.

"75% of Mexicans suffer from fatigue due to work stress, surpassing countries such as China and the United States".

Controlled Breathing

Oxygen is an essential element for the body to function;  controlled breathing is a procedure that will help you reduce physiological activation, it is also useful to control anxiety and stress.  The technique consists of learning to breathe slowly. At 8-12 breaths per minute (we normally breathe 12-16 times per minute), try not to go too deep and use your diaphragm instead of just chest breathing.  Try to do this breath in a clean and comfortable place.


A new technique and the one that has been talked about most in recent years, its objective is to make you live in the moment and focus on your emotions to achieve the peace that you and your body need.  For you to apply this technique, all you have to do is find a place that gives you peace of mind, remember that its purpose is to find you and find answers.

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