Report: Rethinking Risk for the Future (ACCA)

Business Opportunities
February 8, 2022

This is a report by PrimeGlobal's strategic partner, ACCA, which looks at the reality, from ACCA’s members’ points of view, about how COVID-19 has made them reassess the way in which they manage increasing uncertainty and faster shifting in this new digital era.

Risk management as we knew it has been catapulted by the ongoing pandemic, and accountants have been presented with an unmissable opportunity to reassess how they can add more value in this transformation.

ACCA's research for the report reveals perspectives from a range of their members working as risk professionals across the globe whether they come from: governance, risk and compliance (GRC); internal audit; consultancy; finance teams; chief financial officers (CFOs), chief executive officers (CEOs), non-executive directors (NEDs) and board chairs or the increasingly more who are chief risk officers (CROs) and heads of risk or enterprise risk management (ERM).

Through these members’ voices, ACCA receive a fresh understanding of how risk management is evolving with the practice and principles of accountancy and what ways an accounting background can shift the mindsets and behaviours needed to address the existential risks organisations around the world face today.