Hiring Basics: Setting Up a New Business in France (AFIGEC)

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August 19, 2021 - AFIGEC

This is a video series created by PrimeGlobal member firm AFIGEC which helps guide you through the process of setting up your business in France. The third video in the series discusses the basic things to know before hiring in France . 

About the Video series

Are you considering setting up a business in France? But you don’t really know how to proceed. This video series is a “one-stop shop” for any foreign entity who would like to establish a business in France.

The professional team is composed of various members from different backgrounds and complementary specialties, who have one goal: to provide you with the best and most accurate information necessary to get started in France. 

Watching the videos will give you the edge you need to quickly and successfully set up your business in France! Access the full video series on the "Setting up a Business in France" website HERE>

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AFIGEC is one of the best providers of local services. Founded in 1981, today the firm has grown to 7 offices throughout France, and more than 2500 clients. Our 16 partners and 130 professionals, many of whom have had Big 4 firm experience, are always available when our clients need us. Our international team is located in Paris, and we can provide services throughout France. We are an independent firm, and we work with independent professionals. Our experienced team is dedicated to international clients and follows regular training in order to best adapt to any given situation.

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