Sikich Acquires IPA 200 Firm and Continues to Invest In Technology (Sikich)

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May 12, 2022 - Sikich LLP

Looking to expand its reach in the local state and federal government space, PrimeGlobal Member Firm Sikich LLP is merging in IPA 200 firm Cotton & Company of Alexandria, Virginia and investing in integrated software solutions.

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Founded in 1981, Cotton & Company provides services in the areas of financial and information assurance, financial and information systems consulting, contracts and grants, and litigation support to clients including Cabinet-level civilian and defense agencies, independent federal and legislative branch agencies, and state government and commercial entities. As part of the deal, more than 200 Cotton & Company employees – including 15 partners – will join Sikich.

Christopher Geier Sikich
“Over the past 40 years, the Cotton & Company team has established an unmatched level of sophistication in serving federal government agencies and programs and compete at a level very few can,” Chris Geier, CEO Sikich
“Sikich operates at the forefront of innovation in the professional services space, driving the digitization of organizations through a myriad of best-fit technologies, such as business intelligence, automation and workplace productivity tools, We look forward to joining Sikich’s vibrant, client-centric culture where technology-enabled solutions will continue to drive value for our people and our clients" Steve Koons, MP Cotton & Company

Supporting a Client Centric Culture with a Technology Enabled Workforce

Underpinning this technology and client centred culture, Chris Geier writes in the latest company blog post how investing in learning and development, technology, and employee benefits, continues to enhance the employee experience within the firm. An investment which leads to happy and successful employees, and therefore, where clients ultimately reap the benefits.

Furthermore,having integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with their other software systems, Sikich believe this is the most effective step firms can take to realize the benefits of emerging technologies. 

Sikich have treated this integration as a strategic, high-value undertaking that can help companies realize transformative initiatives and business goals faster.

And for many growing, midsize or smaller businesses, Sikich believe that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the perfect onramp to the modern cloud and their first adoption of a business management solution that can connect finance, operations, sales, and service teams and processes to enable greater agility in achieving their objectives. For some companies, Business Central provides a natural upgrade path from older ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

When organizations adopt Business Central, they typically replace disparate legacy software tools and transition to a more holistic way of managing the business. However, they often also continue using some specialized or best-of-breed software that meets specific requirements in their business. That gives them an opportunity to consider integrating their Dynamics ERP and other software systems. Integrations can certainly help companies experience the full benefits of their software as they unleash data flows and streamline IT management. Even more than that, they can support transformative business initiatives and help decision-makers guide the organization toward its goals.

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