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April 19, 2022 - KCoe Isom

This is a thought leadership article from PrimeGlobal member firm KCoe-Isom in North America. This article provides an overview of how KCoe's sustainability team guides food and agricultural companies as they develop, measure, and implement sustainability strategies. 

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Rooted in food, beverage, and agriculture businesses from policy to plate since 1932, KCoe leverages its specialized expertise and seasoned insights to help companies achieve and improve upon sustainability strategies.

KCoe consultants help achieve business sustainability goals – from strategy and implementation to assessments and reporting – their services are designed for companies to meet the needs of stakeholders and improve upon the social and environmental performance of their business.

The ESG Ripple Effect and Proposed Climate-Related Disclosures 

This month the SEC released a proposed rule on climate-related disclosuresThe Environmental Defense Fund and other large organizations have publicly supported this climate change disclosure requirement. Coverage of this topic has generated questions about the implications today and in the future from business leaders. 

Where to start? How we help clients understand their current environmental impact

In today’s age of radical transparency, consumers and investors alike demand verified data. If your clients aren’t getting bombarded by these requests and expectations, then they soon will be. Businesses are expected to know, and share, all the indirect emissions (Scope 3 emissions) that occur throughout their supply chain. The KCoe sustainability team performs multiple layers of analysis to help clients understand all their direct and indirect impacts before any goals and baselines are established. 

After data collection, what’s next?

Depending on the goals of the business, deliverables such as data-driven sustainability programs, life cycle analysis, and carbon footprints, Scope 3 inventory development, data collection and management tools, goal-setting, and science-based target development should be evaluated.

If a business is ready for goals and baselining, then it will need benchmarking data to go with it. Measuring and reporting ESG impacts can be complex and unfamiliar for firms without decades of data-based experience. The KCoe Sustainability team has developed a Key Performance Indicator Database, which catalogues and tracks over 15,000 global and national key performance indicators for sustainability across hundreds of organizations. 

What are the primary benefits we’ve seen arise from an ESG program?

KCoe’s Sustainability team has advised companies for years to act sooner rather than later because ESG projects serve as a great catalyst for growth for clients. These programs are designed to look for opportunities to improve efficiency, increase profitability, or even expand the business. Enhanced customer relationships, increased sales and customer loyalty, and other new business opportunities are just a few of the benefits businesses reap from implementing ESG programs. Offering to help a distributor meet a goal of net-zero by 2030, and sourcing the data and plan to back it up, is just one example of how companies can leverage these programs to build up their business.

KCoe has been providing guidance on framework implementation and assessing environmental impacts since 2001. Contact KCoe’s Sustainability team about ESG, Net Zero, LCFS, Leading Harvest, or any other industry standards that your clients are challenged with.

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