Think different. Be bold. Move fast. Michelle Arnold for Public Accounting Report

PrimeGlobal News
February 28, 2018

PrimeGlobal Chief Regional Officer Michelle Arnold was recently interviewed for Wolters Kluwer's "Public Accounting Report" newsletter titled "Evolving Technology Tops List of Challenges for Association and Network Leaders". Michelle was asked “What is the greatest challenge that your member firms face in 2018, and how will your organization help members meet that challenge?”. As one of nine leaders of associations and networks interviewed it was clear that there are a number of interesting concerns facing the industry. From evolving technology, leadership development and succession planning to staffing, recruiting and retention.

AI and blockchain integration is a strategic initiative and challenge for PrimeGlobal in 2018. In 2017, we concentrated on AI and blockchain member education, providing presentations at all major events and offering webinars for all team members. Now, in 2018, a steering committee has been established to investigate adoption opportunities for many different size firms and vast capability and interest by firm. There is no one-size-fits-all for AI and blockchain advocacy. Our goal is to offer options that member firms can examine and experiment with and, hence, adopt the strategy that is affordable and practical for each firm and its clients. Michelle Arnold - NA Chief Regional Officer

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