Debuting at the 2019 World Conference, we are pleased to introduce Braindate, a brand-new opportunity to meet and learn from each other.  Braindate has transformed world-class events into vibrant collaborative learning hubs. 

Founded in Montreal in 2011, but operating internationally, e180 created Braindate because of their hard-held belief that education is a relationship, not an institution. 

Partnered with Salesforce, Cisco, Cannes Lions, TED and Airbnb in the past, e180 strives for humans from diverse backgrounds to offer their unique and valuable knowledge so that the collective can benefit. Get started with PrimeGlobal's Braindate HERE>

We know you're all coming to the  2019 World Conference to meet great people, build potential partnerships and expand your market growth.

In most events, that seems like an impossible task, as you have to hunt down the participants you’d like to meet, holding on to your glass of wine like a compass, hoping that the Gods of Serendipity are on your side. We know traditional networking doesn’t quite cut it. After days spent “bumping into” strangers in line for pastries, wine, and workshops in hopes of making a valuable connection, we often leave events with a stack of business cards but no real prospects to help us move the needle on our business objectives. 

Not at the 2019 PrimeGlobal World Conference. 

We’re here to help, and we do it through braindates: one-on-one & small group conversations on topics you choose. 

What is Braindate? 

An alternative to traditional networking for events, Braindate is an online platform and in-person learning experience designed to help you meet each other for topic-driven, knowledge-sharing discussions called braindates. It is a tool to empower members to have better, targeted conversations with new people, and make connections that last. 

What to expect at the World Conference in Rome

Leading up to the conference, you will be invited on October 21st to post tweet-length braindate topics to a Topic Market online related to the knowledge you wish to offer or that you are seeking. You will be able to browse other members’ topics, and send invitations to meet for one-on-one (30 minutes) or small group discussions (45 minutes). 

Braindates take place in-person during the conference. On November 4th, we will host our dedicated Braindate networking session. You need to confirm your braindate meetings in advance to make sure that you make the most of this time to engage in the right conversations during the activity. 

You can either propose a discussion topic so people will reach out to you to book meetings or you can join a group discussion and send invitations to members that are offering topics that matters to you. At the time of your meeting, our staff will facilitate introductions.  The more, the merrier!

You want more? We got you! You will also be able to book braindates during breaks and at lunch throughout the conference! 

Your next step

Now start thinking about what you wish to accomplish in coming to the World Conference. What would you like to learn at the World Conference? What challenges have you overcome to share your insights with fellow partners? What are your upcoming projects to find new business partnerships?

Members can leverage Braindate to take advantage of the diversity of experiences in the room, through posting (and booking) braindate topics to share knowledge and discuss things like : 

  • Best practices and success stories;
  • Challenges, and even big failures;
  • Sharing resources
  • Collaboratively brainstorming new models or fresh approaches

Don’t miss this chance to maximize your networking opportunities in Rome.