PrimeGlobal member firm Treureva Ltd and Integralis Personal Treuhand AG have merged to create a traditional auditing and consulting services provider with a full range of HR management services - a first in the SME environment. Thanks to this tie-up, Treureva Ltd has added a very important new division to its existing extensive range of services, marking another milestone in this company’s history spanning almost 40 years. 

Manuel Wiederkehr, founder and Managing Director of Integralis Personal Treuhand AG, is now co-owner of the Treureva Group and a member of the Executive Board. This will ensure that Integralis Personal Treuhand AG’s proven proximity to its customers and service quality will be safeguarded going forward. As the new Divisional Head of HR Services, Wiederkehr considers Treureva the perfect partner for both Intergralis customers and employees. He credits the merger for drawing together expertise and experience in all major business areas. 

Both existing customers of the Treureva Group and those of Integralis Personal Treuhand AG will also benefit on both sides from the expanded assortment of services offered by the extended Treureva Group. 

The entire Treureva Ltd team is extremely pleased about the merger with Integralis Personal Treuhand AG and the expansion of the shareholder base. It warmly welcomes the valued customers and employees of Integralis Personal Treuhand AG to the Treureva Group. 

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“The merger is a perfect fit for our targeted growth strategy. With the new area of specialisation - the complete outsourcing of HR services - we have strengthened our market position in the SME sector and acquired another unique selling point in our range of services. At the same time, our existing core specialist areas of trust, auditing and tax consulting have been bolstered by the expertise from the HR division.” Philippe Keller, CEO, Treureva Ltd

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Our professional expertise is well-founded... after all, it stems from more than 30 years of in-depth experience. For many long years, the Treureva name has offered clients the guarantee of a committed approach to national and international tax consulting - and of absolute integrity when it comes to audit services and comprehensive accounting support. Our Certified Accountants, Certified Tax and Accounting Experts and Pension Actuaries work hand-in hand with our team of qualified specialists in other fields to ensure the quality of our services.

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