UCC & Associates LLP Celebrates 30 Years of Service

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August 27, 2020 - UCC & Associates LLP

PrimeGlobal member firm UCC & Associates LLP celebrates thirty years of delivering professional accounting services in India.  

As the final decade of the 20th century commenced, Sunita Umesh and Umesh Chand Goyal combined their knowledge, passion and expertise to create UCC & Associates LLP.  The journey began in an unassuming “office”, tucked into the confines of the founding partners’ residence, home to a couple of desks littered with trusty ICAI journals and an omnipotent copy of The Economic Times.  A simple rack of files, a landline phone and a computer obstinately running despite an 80mb hard drive (generous at the time) complete the picture of the humble beginnings of UCC & Associates LLP.

The fledgling firm successfully managed to secure its first clients, and through UCC’s dedication and remarkable service, the firm is still able to count three of its inaugural clients as part of its current roster.  UCC & Associates’ first staff member joined the young firm in 1991, with additional hires rounding out the small team in 1992.  The group formed a close bond, and the maiden team members still regularly interact despite the eventual dissolution of the original team. 

UCC & Associates hosted its first batch of articles, welcoming Devesh Gautam, Sanjay Gautam and Rakesh Verma to the firm, nurturing and transforming the eager-to-learn apprentices into experienced professionals. They left the nest as fully-fledged Chartered Accountants and have developed successful careers in big corporates, but still maintain a great relationship with UCC and often refer clients to the firm.

As the years passed, UCC & Associates LLP began to flourish, securing more clients and welcoming additional staff members to manage the growing workload. The firm continued to expand, leaving its home office behind in favour of five premises spanning New Delhi and Jaipur.  Thirty years on, UCC & Associates has cemented itself as a powerhouse in the Indian market, the small team having grown to over 125 and the firm’s humble start in the home of its founders now a distant memory.  Despite the long tenure of UCC, the familial mentality and strong ethics instilled by Umesh Chand Goyal and Sunita Umesh remain.  Congratulations to UCC & Associates LLP on thirty years of exemplary service.

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UCC & Associates LLP

UCC & Associates LLP (UCC) commenced operations in India on July 13, 1991. Currently we operate from three locations: Gurgaon, New Delhi, and Noida. These three locations are prominent business centers of India, known as the NCR (National Capital Region). UCC has 6 partners, 8 qualified professional, and about 75 dedicated staff members. UCC is registered with PCAOB – USA, CAG of India for work on public sector enterprises, and Regulatory Bank – RBI for work in the banking sector. The firm has also been favorably peer reviewed by the ICAI of India.

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