PrimeGlobal member firm Visser & Visser have produced an interactive 2019 Transparency Report. In this transparency report Visser & Visser aim to provide as clear a picture as possible of the organization, the quality policy and the operation of their quality control system. Part two of the report focuses on Visser & Visser's audit practice in more detail.

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Visser & Visser Accountants -Tax Consultants

Visser & Visser Accountants - Tax Consultants wants to be a sparring partner for their clients! Visser & Visser is a young, medium-sized company twelve offices (including the main cities Amsterdam and Rotterdam) and around 300 employees. We would like to stand close to our clients, both literally and figuratively. At our offices, there is an accessible atmosphere where professionalism and collegiality go hand in hand. Our people stand behind and next to the entrepreneur; they adopt a positive critical attitude and show expertise in every advice. We are people of enterprise, just like the entrepreneur, to gain maximum efficiency of our cooperation. Doing business internationally is no longer reserved for large-scale enterprise. Many entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises will sooner or later be confronted with problems of international nature. An advisor who knows what is going on and who is able to guide you in the do’s and don’ts is essential. Furthermore, we act actively for international companies with establishments or activities in the Netherlands. Due to our proficiency in English and our knowledge of facts, we may count an increasing amount of international top-class companies among our list of clients! More information? Please contact us!

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