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February 7, 2022 - Eshuis Accountants en Adviseurs

This is a thought leadership article by Jorien Derkman, HR Manager from PrimeGlobal member firm Eshuis in the Netherlands. In this blog, Jorien talks about 'Positive Health' and how the firm have implemented this within their organization to benefit their employees.

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What does Eshuis currently offer its employees around wellbeing?

Several years ago we started with our ‘Eshuis Active’ programme. With Eshuis Active we want to activate positive and sporty vibes among all Eshuizers.

Our goal within this program is to create a working environment where colleagues will spend time together other than the usual business hours and take part in sportive challenges, such as running, biking or bootcamp activities.

In our work environment, we have regular ergonomic checks to make sure our employees can do their work in a way that there are no ergonomic risks. This includes recommendations for better health and productivity. We also want to be comfortable when we work using our sit-stand desks and simplify it with tools and resources to help each employee find their best fit. Our employees have the possibility to work at a location where they are comfortable working. This can be at the office, but also at home, at a customer or elsewhere. They only have the responsibility to do it in consultation with their manager, work ergonomically and to make sure they stay connected with their team.

Why is Eshuis introducing the Positive Health concept now?

Our biggest challenge is to keep our employees sustainably employable which is difficult because of the high workload within our industry and our sedentary lifestyle/profession. The main reason for this high workload is the quantity of work, often accompanied by tight deadlines and alongside studying and/or managing personal matters. It’s also proving difficult to recruit suitable employees in the current labour market. For employees, a good and healthy work-life balance is becoming more and more important. As a result of our employee survey last year, we still need to make improvements to the good work-life balance and sustainable deployment, despite the progress we made to facilitate this. That’s the main reason to introduce the Positive Health concept.       

Jorien Derkman
"Our biggest challenge is to keep our employees sustainably employable which is difficult because of the high workload within our industry and our sedentary lifestyle/profession." Jorien Derkman, HR Manager, Eshuis
Can you give an overview of what Positive Health is and what it means for Eshuis and your employees?

Positive Health is a broader view of health, which contributes to people’s ability to deal with physical, emotional and social challenges in life, and to be in charge of their own affairs, whenever possible. Positive Health focuses not on illness, but on people themselves: on their resilience to adapt to whatever life throws at them and on what makes their lives meaningful. It includes six dimensions (the spider web) which are bodily functions, mental wellbeing, meaningfulness, quality of life, participation and daily functioning. 

Based on these six dimensions and associated aspects, each individual can outline how they perceive their own health. Using the outcomes, we will be able to have a conversation with the employee about his/her specific needs in health and wellbeing. Each employee is free to participate if they wish. We want to enthuse employees and invite them to chart their Positive Health and talk about it. Because we believe at Eshuis – similar to the vision of Positive Health - that each individual is in charge of their own affairs.   

How do you see the Positive Health concept looking at Eshuis?

We’ve already concluded that Positive Health fits in the Eshuis vision. Active and healthy employees are more productive and less absent, and motivated and dedicated employees ensure greater customer satisfaction and a successful organization.

To implement the first steps of Positive Health, we would like to explore how the concept fits with the needs of our employees. In Spring 2022, we will start with a group of employees who are intrinsically motivated to participate in our Positive Health concept. They are going to work with the six health-dimensions and take part in several themed workshops, such as mental health, exercise and ergonomics, nutrition and sleep. With this approach, we would like to create ambassadors for the concept and find out what the employees are responding to, so we can decide how to further embed Positive Health in our organization. 

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