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February 16, 2022 - Haynie & Company

This is a thought leadership article on starting an Employee Wellness Program from PrimeGlobal member Haynie & Company in North America. The article focuses on the launch of their first employee wellness initiatives with the help of employees and their health insurance provider.

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Core Values at Haynie & Company

Haynie & Company is a tax, audit, and business consulting firm in the Intermountain region in North America. Although we’ve been operating in Salt Lake City since 1960, in the last five years we’ve focused on growth and expanded to 14 locations, 5 states, and built a team of nearly 400 employees. Although things quickly began to look different at Haynie & Company, one thing that will never change is our core value of family. Family means many things to us. We want our employees to treat each other like family and feel like they are in a safe, caring environment where they can be themselves, grow, and make a difference each day. Family also means we care about our employees' lives outside the office. We know they have families and are here to provide for them. We want them to always feel like they can put their own families first.

Culture at Haynie & Company

Our family-focused culture makes Haynie & Company special. We know this because of feedback from our team. We do an extensive employee engagement survey every three years and additional annual surveys to find out what our team needs. These surveys are hosted by third parties and completely anonymous. We use annual employee engagement surveys provided by: Top Workplaces USA, Top Companies to Work For, Business Journal’s Best Places to Work, and Utah Business Best Companies to Work For. As we’ve gathered feedback, we noticed that an Employee Wellness Program was something we were missing.

Starting a Wellness Program

2020 and the Covid-19 Pandemic brought wellness to light in a whole new way. In 2021, we launched our first employee wellness initiatives with the help of our employees and health insurance provider. Again, we felt it was important to hear from our employees and sent out a simple survey. Over 58% of our employees said they would spend more time focusing on their health if wellness programs were offered through work. Gym memberships, healthy eating, companywide challenges, and wellness coaching were the top activities employees said they would likely participate in. Nutrition and healthy eating were topics our employees wanted to learn more about. 

Our 2021/2 Wellness Journey

Here are some of our hints and tips for getting started with an employee Wellness Program.

To help employees destress and focus, the firm presented on the topic of Mindfulness, followed by a 10-Day Mindfulness challenge.

Tip: Virtual seminars and challenges can make remote teams feel more connected. 

Our health insurance provider gave a Healthy Eating presentation at our all-staff meeting to officially launch our wellness program.

Tip: Check with your insurance provider to see what wellness information and incentives they offer. 

Preventive Care Campaign (Oct-Dec). Employees received a $25 gift card for getting a preventative exam anytime during 2021.

Tip: Reminding your employees to get a preventative exam may reduce your insurance premiums over time.

Our first company challenge was Strive for Five, a 4-week challenge, to encourage healthier eating by boosting your fresh fruit and vegetable intake to five servings per day. Employees recorded their daily servings of fruits and vegetables and submitted their points for prizes.

Tip: Make prizes attainable to increase engagement. We offered 3 levels of prizes and saw an above-average employee engagement rate. 

Our incentive plan for 2022 is hosted by our insurance provider, alleviating the administrative work of program planning and tracking. Haynie Employees enrolled in our company sponsored health plan can earn up to $125 for healthy actions throughout the year. Awards are given for completing preventative care and online health coaching programs for both physical and mental health. It offers a variety of wellness activities and prizes.

Tip: Remind employees throughout the year. We do text reminders twice a month to keep it top of mind.

How to get started with your Wellness Program

If you’re thinking of starting a wellness program, start by finding out what your employees want. Secondly, work closely with your insurance providers or broker. They should be a wealth of knowledge and information. Lastly, keep trying. Try new incentives, new challenges, and get people involved. Wellness will continue to be a part of the employee experience that is expected and appreciated.

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Haynie & Company

Haynie & Company began in 1960 with a commitment to build client relationships based on communication and confidence. As a reputable 5-state firm, they continue to experience significant growth with offices in Utah, Colorado, Texas, Nevada and Arizona. As we’ve grown, we’ve kept our small firm values of family and trust. Our firm vision is simple: Exceeding Expectations. Providing excellent service is our highest priority. The exceptional staff and highly-trained certified public accountants understand the meaning of service and do everything they can to understand clients expectations and deliver results. Our focus will always be on building long-term relationships based on growth, trust, family and service.

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