PrimeGlobal believes in providing members with the tools to learn, develop and grow. We are committed to providing women with opportunities to develop leadership skills, increase knowledge and continue to advance within their firms. PrimeGlobal provides members with resources, events, initiatives and dedicated groups for women to achieve their goals, and help their firms reap the benefits. 

Through both the Latin America Women's Leadership SIG and the North American Program, PrimeGlobal continues to promote and focus on the advancement of women in the accounting profession. PrimeGlobal's international Special Interest Groups were created with the intention of providing women in the Accounting Profession with tools and resources that will help to develop leadership skills and career development alongside building meaningful relationships. 

Ana Lourdes Ortiz Cropped
“Women add unique value and perspective to the workplace, but also face unique challenges. This program will provide participants with ideas, tools, resources and new perspectives to add more value to their career developments and their firms. Additionally, these benefits will cascade improved diversity across the firms and PrimeGlobal.” Ana Ortiz, Tax Partner, Ortiz, Leos & Cia, S.C.

Each year PrimeGlobal's Women's Leadership Conference attracts ambitious, resilient and highly-skilled delegates to take part in engaging sessions, created to order to help attendees strengthen communication skills, build resilience, and conquer internal limitations. Exciting speakers always provide an entrepreneurial and creative perspective, with delegates leaving the event empowered and prepared for action. 

PrimeGlobal firms continue to respond positively to the growing influence of women within the accounting profession, as member firms make positive adjustments to their workplaces. The growing number of female partners within PrimeGlobal firms shows our commitment to providing the best possible opportunities to women within the profession. Over 65% of PrimeGlobal's staff are female and PrimeGlobal is proud to be an association led by strong women, driving positive change in the accounting profession. 

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"We have embraced a variety of flexible work models and have helped those in the power positions of the firm, men and women, understand the specific needs of women wishing to remain engaged with the firm. But as far as we’ve come, the next generation of women has identified some blind spots." Suzanne Tuson, Shareholder – International Tax, Clayton & McKervey, USA