What do you need your accounting & advisory firm to do for you? Chances are, you’ll find that service within PrimeGlobal’s independent member firms. Not every one of our member firms specializes in every service, true – but because PrimeGlobal functions as a peer-to-peer referral and advice system for our firms, it’s a good bet that, no matter where in the world your business takes you, you’ll be able to find the help you need.

Expert Services

This section details the ways in which PrimeGlobal is able to provide in-house and outsourced expertise for complex and detailed financial activities. Covering human resources, litigation and a range of other services.

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Assets, Acquisitions & Financial Planning

PrimeGlobal's Assets, Acquisitions & Financial Planning provides expert services to companies and individuals who wish to change their status or improve their financial position. This section covers topics such as mergers, acquisitions, estate, trust and gift tax planning.

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Consulting Services

PrimeGlobal's Consulting Services & Business Management expert services provide members with strategic thinking and tools to enhance your business effectiveness and improve operations. This section covers consulting & Advisory and Business Management.

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Audit, Tax & Compliance Services

PrimeGlobal's Audit, Tax & Compliance Services are designed to help you & your company comply with financial rules & laws. With excellent tools to help you with tax planning, audit and accounting and compliance, PrimeGlobal's services are here to support you. This section covers tax, auditing and accounting and compliance.

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Member Directory

Whatever business you can imagine, we have a member firm with experience to service clients in that area. PrimeGlobal member firms literally cover more than 90 niche practices, in areas as diverse as construction, turf development, furniture manufacturing, auto dealerships, golf courses, and the movie industry.

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