PrimeGlobal members' Audit, Tax & Compliance Services are designed to help you & your company comply with financial rules & laws. With excellent tools to help you with tax planning, audit and accounting and compliance, PrimeGlobal members' services are here to support you. To see more specifics about what compliance services individual PrimeGlobal member firms offer, or to find out if a particular member offers a specific service, search the PrimeGlobal Directory.


Tax Planning & Compliance. A range of services designed to help you and your business report to tax authorities in a timely and accurate way, while minimizing tax liabilities on your family, your business or your company profits.

International Tax. Services in this area include inbound and outbound expertise in the areas of pre-immigration tax and estate planning, foreign investment in real estate, foreign corporations doing business in another country, financing of foreign operations, joint ventures with foreign partners, tax impact of currency fluctuation, inpatriate/expatriate taxation, taxation of foreign trusts, compliance services, VAT (value added tax), GST (Goods & Services Tax), HST (Harmonized Sales Tax), customs duties, and representation before relevant international tax authorities.

State and Local Taxes (SALT). Services designed to help U.S. businesses appropriately manage their state & local taxes, which in many cases make up one-half or more of the total tax burden.  State and local taxes, which are quite complex and vary widely across jurisdictions, include sales/use, payroll/employment taxes, property taxes, and income taxes at both the state and local level.

Cost Segregation.  A low-risk, high-return method to recover capital investments and improve cash flow. Services enable entities to retain cash longer by accelerating depreciation deductions of facility components, by categorizing new, renovated, and existing building costs into their underlying components.


Audit and Accounting

Accounting. A range of services designed to provide timely preparation of company accounts, whether it be at the financial year end or on a monthly basis. Services include but are not limited to general ledger and financial statement preparation, accounting system design and implementation, cash management & forecasting, and depreciation & asset tracking.

Audit, Review & Compilation.  Audit, review & compilation services provide your company the means to comply with your statutory requirements, and give you critical information for making well-informed decisions about your business. Audits independently verify by sight, confirmation, discussion with management, assessment of internal controls and analytical procedures, that a company's financial reports are substantively correct. Reviews are less detailed and consist predominantly of an assessment of the company's books and records by the performance of analytical tests, certain analytical procedures, and calculation of certain financial tests and ratios. Compilations compile the books and records of a client without the performance of any substantive procedures, independent verification or confirmations.

Attest Services. Services under which a firm makes a formal statement after thorough examination and consideration, as to whether your company’s financial statements fairly present financial position and operating results. These services provide an objective evaluation to aid financial statement users.

Internal Audit.  Audit services designed to help your business mitigate risk, create new efficiencies and better support strategic objectives.  In addition to doing basic review of company financials, internal auditors review your processes and make recommendations to maximize productivities.



SOX Compliance. Services designed to support the internal control and financial statement assertion requirements mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX). These include assisting in assessment of internal control risks, documenting processes for financial reporting, identifying control objectives and activities, remediation of internal control gaps, and testing of internal controls.

IFRS. Services that help clients adhere to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), a set of accounting standards developed by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). IFRS is becoming the global standard for the preparation of public company financial statements. The IASB is an independent accounting standards body, based in London.


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