PrimeGlobal and Thomson Reuters have joined forces to address diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tax and accounting industry. Together we will host global events and provide member firms with valuable resources challenging them to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion opportunities within their firm. Below you can find resources, tools and thought leadership articles to help you and your firm bridge the gender gap, understand diversity, and take the next step on your journey. If you are a member, you must log in to access more resources and register for events.

Recent studies suggest that women in the accounting profession are still struggling to bridge the gender gap. This partnership is focused the advancement and career development of women in the CPA firm environment and changing those percentages.

During these challenging times, the world needs the strongest leadership possible to help business build resilience and, ultimately, drive the recovery. Although there has been significant steps towards gender equality, there are still challenges which prevent women from taking on leadership positions - a huge loss of leadership potential for us all.

Both PrimeGlobal and Thomson Reuters believe in providing women with opportunities to advance, grow and excel. Although there has been some growth in female leadership within the accounting profession, there are still issues that need to be addressed.

“We’re proud to enter into this partnership that will allow for not only a free flow of ideas and experiences, but foster the careers of these executives both burgeoning and advancing in the industry, putting them on a path to success for years to come.”

Charlotte Rushton, President, Tax & Accounting Professionals, Thomson Reuters

Courtney Piette

Courtney Piette

Strategic Partnership Lead & Program Manager - North America


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