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Accensis Chartered Accountants (SA) is rewriting the way business perceives non-core financial services. We have developed a highly capable team experienced in the seamless migration of back-office processes from an organization, to enable our clients to better focus on their deliverables. Accensis people have one key objective. This is to enable clients to focus on their deliverables with absolute assurance that non-core business activities are operating at optimal efficiencies. Complying with the statutory, legal, banking and tax requirements when investing in South Africa can be extremely difficult. At Accensis we are able to guide foreign investors to establish their businesses in South Africa with:

  • Registration of the company
  • Assisting with opening of bank accounts
  • Registration with the tax and other relevant authorities

Following on from here we provide a back-office service that will obviate the immediate need for investment in IT infrastructure, finance personnel and other back-office investment. We will be your office until such time that your business is established in South Africa and can make these investments. In many cases clients choose to remain with us.

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Accensis S  Naidoo

A Message from Suresh Naidoo, Director

We provide audit, tax, consulting, corporate finance and business process outsourcing solutions. Our aim is to help and assist our clients with key areas of development, compliance, strategy, growth and business process re-engineering. We solve the business issues and enable the client to focus on the core function of developing and growing the business. We are a client focused service provider and respond to client needs and requirements immediately. By working together in multifunctional teams, our professionals are able to share knowledge and ideas, and to develop solutions tailored to each client. We are proud of the collaborative and people-centric environment and know this sets us apart from our industry peers.

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Languages Spoken: English, Afrikaans and Zulu

Accensis Chartered Accountants (SA) and Registered Auditors

Umhlanga Rocks Dr 309, Umhlanga, KZN 4319

+27 315 665 585

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Umhlanga Rocks Dr 309, Umhlanga, KZN 4319, South Africa

Suresh Naidoo, Director
+27 315 665 585

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