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SingerLewak is a public accounting firm focused on serving clients by being nimble, service-oriented and technically proficient. We are headquartered out of the Westwood, Los Angeles office with another nine offices spread throughout California, from the Bay area to Orange County and the Inland Empire. We also have expanded to Denver, Colorado and are looking to grow within the Northwest region. Serving clients since 1959, SingerLewak has built a reputation for excellence by providing expertise in accounting, tax and advisory services. We work in all industries from technology, life sciences, manufacturing and distribution, construction, services and entertainment. We are able to help companies grow, whether it is an early stage medical device company located in San Jose to raising capital through the public markets through a Regulation A offering, or an initial public offering to offering services to help a company get sold with the right team and technical experience to the appropriate strategic buyer or financial sponsor. The breadth of services that we provide mirror that of a national firm in key business sectors and industry specializations from providing bookkeeping services, state and local tax advice, high net worth individual concierge services to the attest and taxation services that are the foundation of our services.

Our focus is to be your trusted advisor. We understand a company’s need for sound advice that explains the regulations, tax code and ASC guidance in an understandable format, so that companies can make the right decisions. We are consistently ranked as a Top 100 firm, have been names as One of the Best Places to Work in Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Fernando Valley, as well as being winners of multiple- year Practice Innovation Awards.

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A Message from Managing Partner Jim Pitrat

With a history of serving clients for 60 years as one of the leading West Coast based public accounting firms, SingerLewak understands the needs of business owners and finance professionals. In working with our clients, it is our job to ensure that understand our clients’ needs and act accordingly, whether it be accounting, advisory or tax services. We view our job is to ensure that deadlines are met, communication is clear and prompt and that we anticipate the needs of our companies by regular communication, strong relationships and being flexible to shifting deadlines. Times have changed and we have adjusted the way that we do business. We understand market shifts, business nuances and the need to quickly adjust. Whether you are raising money through a traditional bank loans, mezzanine capital, or private equity or perhaps, raising capital through an initial public offering, we have the experience and the relationships to help you through the process. Our values and mission are to always put our client relationships first – we understand the value of good counsel and the value of working with someone who knows both you and your business. If you are looking for a trusted advisor, somebody who understands and appreciates the nuances of a good, working relationship, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team.

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SingerLewak LLP

10960 Wilshire Blvd, 7th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90024-3783


+1 310 477 3924

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Suzie Doran


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Primary Location

10960 Wilshire Blvd, 7th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90024-3783, United States

Suzie Doran, Partner
+1 310 477 3924

Riverside, CA, United States

1650 Iowa Ave, Suite 200, Riverside, CA 92507, United States

Linda Devlin, Partner

+1 951 683 0672

Irvine, CA, United States

2050 Main Street, 7th Floor, Irvine, CA 92614, United States

Robert Schlener, Lead Partner

+1 949 261 8600

San Jose, CA, United States

100 W San Fernando St, San Jose, CA 95113, United States

Dan Hunter, Lead Partner

+1 408 294 3924

San Francisco, CA, United States

262 Grand Ave, San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

Bruce Wright, Partner

+1 650 872 7600

Woodland Hills, CA, United States

21550 Oxnard, Suite 1000, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, United States

Sally Aubury, Lead Partner

+1 818 999 3924

Denver, CO, United States

2000 S. Colorado Blvd, Tower 2 , Suite 200, Denver, CO 80222, United States

W. Edward Schenkein, Lead Partner

+1 303 694 6700

Salem, OR, United States

1255 Lee St SE, Suite 210, Salem, OR 97302, United States

Henderson, NV, United States

8905 S. Pecos Road #24B, Henderson, NV 89074, United States

Steve Giorgione, Lead Partner

+1 7028 982 800

Stayton, OR, United States

278 E High Street, Stayton, OR 97383, United States

Jeffrey Kennard, Lead Partner

+1 5037 692 186

Albany, OR, United States

200 SW Calapooia St, Albany, OR 97321, United States

Heather L. McGowan, Lead Partner

+1 5419 283 354

People at SingerLewak LLP

Bruce Burg Photo

Bruce Burg


Jonathan Aseltine Photo

Jonathan Aseltine

Senior Accountant, Tax Department

Lyndsi Morlok Photo

Lyndsi Morlok

Senior Accountant I

Randy Emmons Photo

Randy Emmons

Senior Manager, State and Local Tax

Sally Aubury Photo

Sally Aubury

Partner, Assurance & Advisory

Katelyn Chen Photo

Katelyn Chen

Experienced Staff Accountant

Min Luo Photo

Min Luo

Experienced Staff Accountant

Shahrad Moobed Photo

Shahrad Moobed

Senior Accountant

Lara Buitrago Photo

Lara Buitrago

Director, Business Solutions Group

Richard Linder Photo

Richard Linder

Tax Partner, Los Angeles

Lynn McIntier Photo

Lynn McIntier

Director, IT Audit & Advisory

Hoornaz Mostofizadeh Photo

Hoornaz Mostofizadeh

Experienced Tax Staff

Jim Pitrat Photo

Jim Pitrat

Managing Partner

Ivy Wang Photo

Ivy Wang

Tax Accountant

Suzie Doran Photo

Suzie Doran


Mark Dennis Photo

Mark Dennis


Daniel Hunter Photo

Daniel Hunter

Partner, Assurance & Advisory

Elberta Nizzoli Photo

Elberta Nizzoli

Partner, Assurance & Advisory

Andy Armstrong Photo

Andy Armstrong

Partner, Assurance & Advisory

Sheila Balzer Photo

Sheila Balzer

Partner, Assurance & Advisory

Nanaz Benyamini Photo

Nanaz Benyamini

Tax Partner

Samuel Biggs Photo

Samuel Biggs

SLBiggs, Partner

Reg Byrd Photo

Reg Byrd

Partner; DCV Franchise Group

Shannon Carlson Photo

Shannon Carlson

Tax Partner; High Net Worth Individuals Sector Leader

Mark Cook Photo

Mark Cook


Steve Cupingood Photo

Steve Cupingood

Tax Partner

Jeremy Dillard Photo

Jeremy Dillard

Technical Standards Partner

Duane DuPree Photo

Duane DuPree


Michael Ellingson Photo

Michael Ellingson

Tax Partner

Chenying Fan Photo

Chenying Fan


Daniel Faulk Photo

Daniel Faulk


David Finkelstein Photo

David Finkelstein


Dean Fredgant Photo

Dean Fredgant


Kevin Gienger Photo

Kevin Gienger

Lead Partner

Steven T. Giorgione Photo

Steven T. Giorgione


Robert Green Photo

Robert Green

Lead Partner, IT Advisory, IT Audit

Craig Hay Photo

Craig Hay

Tax Partner

Bill Holben Photo

Bill Holben

Tax Partner

Jaime Holmes Photo

Jaime Holmes


Nikhil Kelkar Photo

Nikhil Kelkar

Senior Manager

Mayumi Kotani Photo

Mayumi Kotani

Tax Partner

David Krajanowski Photo

David Krajanowski


Eric Lake Photo

Eric Lake

Tax Partner

Kathy Lawson Photo

Kathy Lawson


Anne Lessard Photo

Anne Lessard

Tax Director

Joel Levy Photo

Joel Levy

Business Management, Partner

Heather McGowan Photo

Heather McGowan

Tax Partner

Karen Miessner Photo

Karen Miessner


Gale Moore Photo

Gale Moore


Richard Ortiz Photo

Richard Ortiz

Tax Manager

Robin Park Photo

Robin Park

Partner - International Practice Leader

Javier Ramirez Photo

Javier Ramirez

Specialty Tax Partner

Gary Rand Photo

Gary Rand


Jeanne Sakamoto Photo

Jeanne Sakamoto

Partner, Assurance & Advisory

Ed Schenkein Photo

Ed Schenkein

Lead Partner, Denver

Larry Schwartz Photo

Larry Schwartz

DCV Franchise Group, Partner

Andrew Steinke Photo

Andrew Steinke

Tax Partner

Lior Temkin Photo

Lior Temkin

Tax Partner

Thomas Wendler Photo

Thomas Wendler

Tax Partner

Jon Widdowson Photo

Jon Widdowson

Tax Partner

Cindy Wiseman Photo

Cindy Wiseman


Daniel Won Photo

Daniel Won

Tax Partner

Bruce Wright Photo

Bruce Wright

A&A Partner

Michael Wu Photo

Michael Wu


Anthony Byrd Photo

Anthony Byrd

Director, Business Development

Karyn Gallen Photo

Karyn Gallen

Director, Professional Development & Training

Mike Linsenmayer Photo

Mike Linsenmayer

Director of Information Technology

Peter Seidel Photo

Peter Seidel


Christopher Stone Photo

Christopher Stone

Senior Manager

Lisa Nuzzi Photo

Lisa Nuzzi

Senior Manager

Meghan Andersson Photo

Meghan Andersson

Tax Advisory Manager

Torri Braun Photo

Torri Braun

Senior Auditor

Stephen Hamakawa Photo

Stephen Hamakawa

Manager Assurance & Advisory

Karen Kreider Photo

Karen Kreider

Audit Manager

Jayme Lavoie Photo

Jayme Lavoie

Manager - Business Solutions Group

Michael Levy Photo

Michael Levy

Senior Manager

Marjorie Loflin Photo

Marjorie Loflin

Assurance Manager

Xuhong Luo Photo

Xuhong Luo

Tax Manager

Jessica Nadler Photo

Jessica Nadler

Senior Manager

Christine O'Sullivan Photo

Christine O'Sullivan

Tax Senior Manager

Glen Quon Photo

Glen Quon

State and Local Tax Manager

Octavio Sanpedro Photo

Octavio Sanpedro

Financial Analyst

Celeste Schimmenti Photo

Celeste Schimmenti

Tax Manager

Kenji Yamazaki Photo

Kenji Yamazaki

Manager, Tax Department

Zhonglu Yang Photo

Zhonglu Yang

Tax Accountant

Christa Zumach Photo

Christa Zumach

Tax Manager

Anna Blaho Photo

Anna Blaho

Marketing Coordinator

Anna Coleman Photo

Anna Coleman

HR Director

Jackie Fountain Photo

Jackie Fountain

Tax Manager

Peihua (Grace) Huang Photo

Peihua (Grace) Huang

Staff Accountant

Joon Kim Photo

Joon Kim

Staff Accountant

Igor Kishko Photo

Igor Kishko

Information Technology Supervisor

Jade Porter Photo

Jade Porter

Training Dept.

Rob Schlener Photo

Rob Schlener

Assurance Practice Leader

Lindsey Daniels Photo

Lindsey Daniels

Experienced Staff Accountant -Tax

Nathan Morrison Photo

Nathan Morrison

Sr. Marketing Coordinator

Yuhei Okugawa Photo

Yuhei Okugawa

Supervising Senior Accountant (Tax)

Amanda Schlank Photo

Amanda Schlank

Audit Partner

Yukari Takahashi Photo

Yukari Takahashi

Manager, Tax, SALT

Mani Thandapani Photo

Mani Thandapani

Tax Manager

Han Ge Photo

Han Ge

Li Tan Photo

Li Tan

Jeff Zhao Photo

Jeff Zhao

Experienced Staff Accountant

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