Blind Spots: Broaden Perspectives (CEO ACT!ON)

Talent Development
May 26, 2021

This video by CEO ACT!ON is part of the Blind Spots series which reviews ways in which you can broaden perspectives, challenge assumptions and overcome stereotypes. This video discusses why it is natural to gravitate towards people who are like us and how making decisions solely on who we're comfortable with can cause tunnel vision.

PrimeGlobal Chief Executive, Stephen Heathcote signed the CEO ACT!ON pledge, a worldwide commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It is proven that an inclusive, diverse workplace, where everyone is respected, increases creativity and innovation, promotes higher quality decisions, and enhances growth. PrimeGlobal is committed to promote best practices which enable our member firms to establish an inclusive and diverse workplace. 

PrimeGlobal members can also access CEO ACT!ON resources including videos and podcasts below. To learn more about how North American firms can sign the CEO ACT!ON pledge click HERE>

PrimeGlobal Virtual Conference

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

PrimeGlobal is hosting its inaugural DEI Conference, to address critical topics such as Inclusive Leadership, the overwhelming evidence that diversity improves business, and the key role women play in the transformation and advancement of a firm.

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