Webinar: Doing Business in the Netherlands (Carpenter Box and Joanknecht)

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December 8, 2021 - Carpenter Box, Joanknecht

PrimeGlobal member firms Carpenter Box in the UK and Joanknecht in the Netherlands recently collaborated on a webinar providing guidance on doing business in the Netherlands. The webinar was designed specifically for SMEs looking to expand their business into the Netherlands.

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In this webinar, Carpenter Box hosted Mark-Jan van der Weerden and Peter-Paul Derks from Joanknecht who discussed doing business in the Netherlands. 

The topics discussed included:

  • How the Netherlands can provide a gateway to the EU market
  • The regulatory environment: long term trends and hot topics
  • Business case studies for services: R&D centre and sales office
  • Business case studies for goods: Online consumer electronics retailers and online supermarket


Mark-Jan van der Weerden, Tax Partner, Joanknecht

Mark-Jan is Tax Partner at Joanknecht and has over 20 years of experience as a Tax Advisor for international (family owned) business relations. Over the years, Mark-Jan has helped many entrepreneurs to set up businesses in the Netherlands concerning regulatory, tax and payroll issues.

Peter-Paul Derks, Tax Adviser

Peter-Paul has over ten years of experience as a Tax Adviser. His advisory services concern mostly international aspects of corporate income tax, personal income tax and Dutch withholding tax for both foreign and Dutch clients (‘inbound’ and ‘outbound’). In addition, he acts as client and (general) project manager for foreign clients who require such additional support in the Netherlands (mostly SME’s).

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